Saturday, December 31

This 2012

coming year that is. It's not New Year yet. I wish everyone will have a blessed and productive year and get to achieve their goals. Those who still adhere to resolution, hopefully they are written on stones and done.

I've long given up on resolution, so I just live day by day as the Lord blesses us.

Good health is always wished for. Peace on earth has become a cliche, but still, it's not bad to hope about it. And hopefully, people under the substance will make use of addiction treatment centers and not come back there ever.

Have a wonderful 2012 everyone!

Christmas 2011

I sure miss Christmas in the Philippines especially my family. The atmosphere and the festivities are just different from what I have seen in this place I have called home now so far. But as the years go past, I get accustomed to the way Mcj's family celebrate Christmas. I actually appreciate it. The quiteness.

So this year, we were invited to Christmas lunch by Mcj's uncle so the whole family was carted to their place. It was a sort of reunion. It was a small affair - the hosts don't have to go through discectomy after the event. Everyone had a little bit fun, not stressful.

Tuesday, December 20

Organising & Projects

I could just be speculating or procrastinating but I have been into home organising mode for quite sometime now. In my spare time, I mostly surf for tips and products that are of interest. I have so many ideas after looking at those - they are all stumbling over each other. But I know that just like any other projects, it has to be tackled one at a time so it doesn't get so overwhelming.

There are so many projects that I want to get started on to. On top of that, our car insurance is about to expire and I believe that our house contents is about to be the be the same. It's time to shop for Wholesale Insurance. It's also time to do some crafts in the coming break. Can't wait. I hope I will have as much time as I imagine I would have.

Wednesday, December 7

What's On?

Many. It's December and I reckon the busiest month of the year on the home front and family department. It could be the same at work if you count Christmas parties and not taking day off and be part of th skeleton staff, which I will be.

It is a much busier month for us this year, what with the moving to a new place and coming back from a long holiday. Now is the perfect time to enjoy those funny tee shirts, if somebody can think of buying me some. But really, I don't want to receive anything. I reckon, I've had so much blessings already.

Now, to count and plan for those parties that we are invited to.

Saturday, November 19

And the moving starts...

this time we are not in a hurry as we have supposedly ample time. But we were held up by laying out new carpet, building the shed, etc. We haven't scratched the surface yet, so to speak. There are still so many things to do but I am so looking forward to the sorting of what to keep and what to give away. I already know that I have so many clothes amassed but they're just overwhelming me. I need to purge in that department, a little bit on the cosmetics but I'd be saving best eyelash growth product if I ever have one, pantry and kitchen. We have already purged on the linen section.

So far so good. Exhausting but exciting at the same time.

Sunday, November 13

Back to Normal

it's been 5 days now since we got back from my homeland. The holiday mode was quickly stripped as I have to go back to work the day after we arrived. Plus, we have to face a big transition. We have to talk to people and we need to get our bearings together and try to remember where we have left off, which involves the solicitor (not the everett gaskins hancock llp though), real estate agent, etc.

We were well rested but Mcj picked up a nasty bug on our last day in Manila that he is still on the mend. And despite that, have to organise anything that needs fixing in our new home.

Workfront, all is well. It was fortunate that I feel like I haven't left at all.

Sunday, October 9

Not Long Now

... our much awaited overseas trip that is. We are all excited but it doesn't show much as we are not packed yet. Maybe we are just being complacent as my days off work include a day before our trip, dedicated to get organised and all. So far, all the organising that has happened are all in my mind and a few on the paper. Oh well, I am sure we'll get everything in order when it's time to go.

This weekend, we're playing the cleaner jobs. We have cancelled our regular cleaning service. It's good exercise and saves us money. Not bad.

Sunday, September 25


I have always believed on the cliche that things happened for a reason. It may not be apparent but eventually, it will be revealed. It could seem irrelevant when that thing happened but if put into perspective, it has its meaning. Such that things happen when you least expect it. We are in it.

We didn't plan much ahead. We've been contemplating but not on solid grounds and just in a snap of fingers, everything just fell into our midst. I am torn from being excited and apprehensive. This is a big step for us.

It also means, spending less on wants and save as much as possible on needs. I may resort to using pottery barn coupons. I don't really mind. I've been practicing on it. It's challenging and fun at the same time.


In That Mood

Life has been pretty busy these days, which is normal but lately, I have been a slack in the e-extra-curricular activities - blogging, facebooking, surfing. Before, I don't need a slight motivation and yet I was so active. These days, there are many - photos, events, family outings, etc and yet, I can't haul myself to go online most of the time. I suppose, that means that I am busy and so energetic in other areas in our household - like organising and some retal therapy for our upcoming overseas trip. On that department, I haven't decided if we're going to get toshiba laptop computers or a different brand. Not long now and hopefully, we can make up our mind.

Going back, it looks like I'm not going to get my groove back until we leave. Hopefully, when we're back.


Sunday, August 28


I saw this video today for the first time looking for something to listen to while blogging. This version is so pleasing in the ears - no screaming like car wheels screeching. Just easy listening. Just a lovely Sunday afternoon, relaxing after biking around the house.

It's nice to wish also - just anything that the heart desire. I wish that everyone's wish will be granted.

Beefing Up

My desire to beef-up could be in progress. I noticed this week that I have been eating every hour which is unusual as normally, I feel hungry but I don't feel like eating. These days, I don't even allow myself to feel hungry. I just eat and eat and eat. The question of what suppresses appetite is far from my mind these days. I am more concerned on what to eat next or planning/thinking what will taste good to concoct. Thankfully, I am more into healthy and natural food not those coming from packets or containers.

Closing Down Sale

The babies galore in our area is closing down as they are moving to a new location and at the same time joining another brand umbrella. It was fortunate last weekend that I went to spotlight to buy futon covers (which I was told most people now use quilt covers for them). I parked a long way from spotlight and have to passed the babies galore store. Of course, I can't just walk past it when I saw the 70% sale sign. Of the Tatapilla and I went. We went out carrying a shopping bag full of the Tatapilla's winter clothes for next year - all for just a whooping 60 bucks. No halloween props though. I could have bought more but I was curbing my impulsive buys.


Sunday, August 7

Working from Home

on a weekend. This doesn't happen often so I am not complaining.

Our customer has data problem and fixes have to be done on their database outside of the office hours. I can do it on Monday night but really, what is the difference between Sunday and Monday. It's actually preferable today as I had time to relax before hand rather than the Monday madness.

The work involves running processes and workflows that take about 30 mins or so. That gives me time to surf and blog about jewelry fashion trends for moms.

Sunday, July 17

The Gladiator

I know, this is an old movie but I just saw it last night. Boy, aren't I glad. And why did I wait this long to watch the whole story. No wonder it had 5 academy awards. Stellar performance by Russel Crowe there.

Russell Crowe is not that buff in the movie compared to other buff, of course (maybe zumba workouts wasn't heard then?). The jewellery of the lady didn't escape me though. I always love old pieces.


We were supposed to go to a wedding this afternoon in Mt Mapelton. I was excited to as I haven't been to that place yet with the weather I had my hesitations as it was outdoor. Now, the Tatapilla has code and been coughing really bad, so we decided not to go at all.

I had to bargain though, as he was excited himself to go there. I have to persuade that we can just play at home and watch videos that he likes.

As to wedding present (it is not as elaborate as that of a 40th birthday gift ideas), cash will do these days and that's what exactly we did.

Saturday, July 2

A Little Late

to watch the sex and the city 2 movie, that is. But what can I say, I like them later. Maybe, I was just not as thrilled as anybody about this movie and the series then. Well, I definitely love the shoes. I am not a big fan of long flowing dresses though I like Carrie's night dresses.

I love the jewellery through - those bangles and bib necklaces. And so the rings. Well, htc desire 2.2 wasn't there yet as most of them are using blackberry. Oh, I forgot.. I like the bags and luggages as well. What's there not to love anyway?

Sunday, June 19

I Say Tomato

Sunny, a young Australian actress, has recently arrived in Hollywood — having left heartbreak behind at home — and is still finding her feet. Soon enough, she’s auditioning for parts, being swept off to the Sundance Film Festival and negotiating tricky cross-cultural misunderstandings. And all the time, she’s trying to work out what — and who — is really important in her life.

I Say Tomato is both a satire of the LA film scene and a charming romantic comedy, filled with humour and heart. It’s about a young woman trying to find herself, but perhaps looking in all the wrong places.

This is one of my latest reads. As a sucker for happy ending, this doesn't really fall into the category although, it is leaning towards it. I am the sort who enjoys reading a happy ending that is detailed and would love it if another five chapter or so is dedicated towards the happy ending journal. This book makes you think of your own happy ending or not - open ended in some sort, yet.. at least the lead character knows what she wanted eventually. A quick read and entertaining. I don't familiarise myself with the hollywood type of life but it could be about what really that real life is. The friend has eating disorder (cant remember if there were mentions of eating disorders treatment centers). Meeting an elderly stranger is like the meet-cute in the Holidays.

More of this...

You Think Confidence is Elegant

When you want to get your way, you're assertive and gusty. You are a good actor, even when you're not feeling brave.
You are picky. You have high standards for yourself, and you do your best to meet them.
You value structure and organization. You need to know what the rules are before you play the game.
You are loving and grateful for the people you know. You treasure every single person in your life.

My work requires so much of this - confidence. One need not necessarily go through zumba workout for good body as that is not the pre-requisite. It's more on the attitude. Facing and talking to people is entirely different story than that of letting people know that you know what you are talking about and that what you are suggesting is what really is the best for them.

Monday, June 13

Long Weekend

The long weekend is almost over (could have been a perfect time to avail those Cirque Du Soleil Tickets) and it's my time to face my pc with my hair wrapped in towel, waiting for it to dry out. Trying to apply what I read recently to wait till the hair is dry before brushing although, I know from experience, it doesnt really work but this is my 2nd try since I read that article.

Anyway, it was such a hectic three days but still fun. Life is glorious - I'm being positive here all the time - and wishing that someday I'll be booking U2 Concert Tickets. :)

On the ondits, the book of mormon dominated the Tony Awards. I saw a bit of clip of Hugh Jackman singing with Harris and it was really great - could be even better if there are Tim McGraw Tickets on the side.

Broadway got religious Sunday night – make that sacrilegious – with the wildly irreverent The Book of Mormon dominating the 65th annual Tony Awards, as expected.

"This is such a waste of time," said Chris Rock as he was about to open the envelope, "like taking a hooker to dinner."

Lampooning young Latter Day Saints on a mission to Uganda, the musical, with a book and score by South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Avenue Q's Robert Lopez, went into the evening with 14 nominations and walked away with nine Antoinette Perry Awards, including best musical, score, book, featured actress Nikki M. James, among others.

But the host just crack me up. Really, would The Lion King Tickets and concert be better than this? Or James Taylor Tickets and concert? Maybe they are but for now, I'll settle for this. :)


Sunday, June 5

Going Postal and By The River Piedra...

I'm not into bike but I happened to read a book about bike travels. I must have seen it featured somewhere. Well, I liked it very much. I've read so many books but only few etched in my mind. One have to be compelling, have tragic ending or sort of un-happy ending. I can't really categorise the Going Postal.

It's adventure with a spice of love story that didn't really end happily. The adventure though was quite successful. The bike used was a used Australian Post bike which for some may sound quite ordinary but what it attracts me is the way the story was told. It is full of emotion and varied views and perspective. I can say that at some point, it can be very influential especially to those who aspires the same type of adventure. It is also very inspirational. One can see that the adventurer didnt use hgh in his travels. The transformation is quite strong - from boyish to matured person physically.. he aged due to the harsh weather. But I hope, his travels has aid him personally in all aspects.

The love story was quite intriguing but I won't delve into it as there are some points that I don't really understand and not quite make out why they didn't end up together. It's beyond me - a person who sees the world as black and white. I do wish a happy ending for both of them separately or together. I'm a sucker for happy endings.

After reading this book, I read Paulo Coelho's another masterpiece. A spiritual love story. It's about the feminine side God, the Virgin Mary. Christians know about her but in this book, she is viewed quite differently. It doesn't matter really how you view her.. as long as you give her the same importance. I like the part where the lead character decided to play the life of Joseph. It is quite true that in the bible, his role was down-played.. but we should not ever forget that he played a very important role in Jesus' life here on earth. This one has a happy ending.

I can't help but compare the two books. They're written in almost the same manner. In first person. No highfalutin words. Very simple, straightforward.

Tuesday, May 24

The Academies

There are students that I noticed on the train that got-off at the same station as me. I was curious to know what school do they go to because I can't really see any school nearby. I have been going and from work in the same location for more than 2 years and I just find the time to look up that school yesterday. It's the Queensland Academies - Science, Maths and Technology campus, which is a far walk from the train station. Some students get off at the station before ours and I heard that they catch a bus - I suppose, that's better than walking.

Anyway, about the school - it's the state school for highly capable year 10 t0 12 students. It's the maximise the potential of bright students and prepare them for university. This school is not for free - parents pay about 1800 bucks a year. But each student is getting their own equipment to aid in their learning.

See these days there are many ways on how to get a degree. There are online universities and local unis are branching out to accessible locations. The degrees offered are not just limited to online degree on films. For those undecided, they are spoilt for choice. The government is also doing their bit. They offered loan, assistance, scholarship and many others that will aid students in their take-off for a bright future. Curious? Head to to check on how apply for student aid.


Sunday, May 22

I Simply Love Books

You Are Modern

You are optimistic and forward looking. You love living in this world.
You have a good memory for facts. You always are an ace at trivia.
The world excites you. There are so many places you want to go and things you want to learn.
You are interested in a plethora of things. You love to learn.

And love to learn new things everyday. I realise that for at least three years (the span of time that I can remember), I have read anything everyday - may it be a magazine, a book, the Tatapilla's book, etc. I'm all the time curious of new things, words that I that heard. And the more I read, the more I fathom that there are more things that I don't know yet. And, the more that I crave for learning. It's like hunger than fenphedrine can't tame. I reckon, I will die still learning many things.

Julie and Romeo

The Cacciamanis and the Rosemans (rival florists) hate each other. Everyone knows that the bitter feud has been going on for generations. They badmouth each other's flowers, steal each other's accounts, and agree only that any personal contact, from neighborly tolerance to allowing their children to elope, is out of the question. Then it happens. Romeo Cacciamani's beloved wife dies of cancer, and he no longer has the energy to hate. Julie Roseman Roth's husband dumps her, and she finds all her venom is reserved for her ex. Later, when Romeo and Julie (the current heads of their respective families) meet at a small business owners' conference, love blossoms; and suddenly neither one can understand why their families won't stop the silly feud. But, if there is one thing the Cacciamani and Roseman families can agree on, it's that these 60-year-old lovers must be kept apart. Thereby hangs the tale of Julie and Romeo — a story written with charm, wit, and wisdom and a remarkable first novel.

As far as I can remember, this is the first book that I've read where the lead characters are over 50s. And once again.. I am reminded that age doesnt matter in love. Love is as good as it gets regardless of the ages of the persons involved. It is still like drowning in a pool (without handicap pool lifts) when emotions run wild. This book is a feel good one with mature people are involved. Lovely.

Sunday, May 15

My Family

We gave into the fads, if you may call it that. It's posting stickers at the back of the car for the members of the family not just the roadside assistance plan. It's what we always watch out for when following somebody on the road - if they have stickers. We bought ours from the market last Good Friday. The people who sell them are from around the Sunshine Coast. There are also available at the news agent. Ours are bigger compared to those from the news agent. Mcj was teasing me to get the pole dancer mum to which I was really annoyed but in retrospect, I'd love to have it just for fun. We put it in my car as we seldom use Mcj's for family outings anyway.

Sunday, May 8

Happy Mother's Day

This is what I got from the Tatapilla. How sweet is that. Given a little bit early this week.

I read last week that some women dont put too much importance on Mother's Day until they become one. Mcj's comment was because they were jealous before that the attention was not on them. Lol. But they said, it takes one to know one. One can empathise more if they are wearing the shoes.

So from my home speakers, I'm greeting every HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. To Nanay, especially this time of the year.. I wish we're together. Palangga ta gid ka.

Thursday, April 28

This Mother's Day

The Tatapilla has been asking me for days when is Mummy's Day. He seems to be excited about it. I asked him what's he going to do for me and replied with giving me stuff that they will make at school. Now that he understands things and days like this, I reckon Mummy Day would be different from the past 3 years. He seems to be keen to impress me. I'm not expecting mothers day gifts for mother as he is enough gift for me.


.. just this time, allow me to.

Queenslanders have been complaining on the train fair here in SEQ. But if you've gone to NSW, one will think.. we're a little bit better off.

Travelling in the Airport Link zone return (or two trips) costs $25. Yes, that's right. The entire zone is only less than 10 stations closer to each other. And one way or one trip is $15. It cost me that much for a paper ticket to travel to and from work.. and that is daily, how many trips you made doesn't matter.

Now, I have another reasont to be thankful that I live in the Sunshine State. I reckon, money doesn't matter (especially if you can go to cash advances)... it's the principle.


Passport Renewal

My Philippine passport will expire in the middle of this year but because of our upcoming trip back home, I have to renew it. The process when I got the the consulate was a breeze - just almost an hour. What I find the hassle was because the Phil Embassy here in Oz starting this year will only issue e-passport and the processing centers are only at the embassy and at the consulate in Sydney. The e-passport will require personal appearance as all the aesthetics of a person's face will be noted. And ordinary passport photos won't suffice.

One more glitch, if I may call it that, is the processing time. Because of this new technology (and maybe some data backup software), there's only one office that processes all passport applications and renewals and it's now mounting by the minute. The estimate is about 12 weeks... hopefully, I'd have it before out trip.

At least, now all I have to do is wait for it.

Monday, April 25

Flowers for the house

I love flowers and when I was single, being given flowers by a man (or a boy) rank highest to the quality of being romantic. Now that I am hitched, it's another story. I don't really want Mcj to spend heaps of money ordering flowers online - although that would be a very sweet idea. These days, I only buy flowers for the house... when it tickles my fancy. I know that when taken cared of, cut flowers last long but I am not that into cut-flowers anyway. I put them into the vase and they will last or not - can't be bothered changing the water. Besides, Mcj is already sweet and romantic on his own special way. When he wants to buy me something, he doesn't need an occasion.


It Was Love

I thought, this video is very moving with the vivid characterisation. Yet, the music is the contrast and I suppose it is just apt. We are happy that Jesus has resurrected and is with us today. The priceless gift God has given us. No material thing can ever compare. The instance of buy gold bullion in bargain is a fleeting dot a million light years apart.

It was love-What made Him bleed and cling to a tree
It was love-Unlike this world has ever seen before
It was love-What made Him bleed and cling to a tree
And get nailed to the form of a lower case "t"

To all my listeners; you're on my "got to get with ya list"
Scripture gives the run down, come now you've got to picture this
The evolutionist would call this ridiculous
Story of a love, a true love that got promiscuous
The true lover was a King they called Elohim,
Digt it, He was exquisite, always existed
For designer clothes He sported shekinah robes
The kind that glows, baggy, you know the kind that flows
He was awesome majestic, flawless, perfect with
All this you might ask what could be next
His outcry zoomed throughout the counsel of the Triune
Crank the volume, when God speaks it's a fly tune
"Let Us make man in Our likeness and Our image"
He sparked it, even before He started He was finished
And since it's a fact that every kid needs a nursery
Before He made man He made a universe-a world to be
A playpen you know a place to chill, one to play in
Fields to lay in, earth to rule, one to stay in
He took dust in His hands made a man
Breathed life into his frame, said, "Adam is your name"
It was all fun and games, no pain and no strain,
He named all the animals, they were pre-tamed
Man and his God chillin' like jellow with
Nothing to undermine the divine fellowship


Saturday, April 16

Crowd Drawer

How do you control a crowd as big as this? In some cases, one would use stanchions or other crowd control equipments. Well, in this event, security guards mere musts. These are eager fans who want to see their "idol" and if given the chance will grab every opportunity to touch her. I think the velvet rope has helped when the star was up the stage, to keep the fans away from it. Barricades were helpful when the fan was walking up to the performing area.

By the way, this is Sarah Geronimo during her Belo Essentials meet and greet in Cebu. Isn't she just a crown drawer?


My Favourite Month

...I still want to think up til now. See, when I was in the Philippines, April is the height of summer. The favourite month of the schoolies.. no school, summer activities, beach time. It's another story here in Oz. It's autumn, one of my favourite weathers.. not so hot, not so cold. And this year, a lucky year as Easter falls in this month. It's really hard not to be carried away with the commercialism of the lent season. The easter bunnies have taken over the true meaning of the lent - well, for a child that is. Every where you look at the shops, there are bunnies and easter bunny eggs (as the Tatapilla would call them). Even maternity clothes are put into the back burner.

But for those of us who have known the true meaning of the lent, let's celebrate it with our ever increasing passion. Although, in my case... I'm always leaning into the fact that Jesus is alive.. and that's worth celebrating everyday. I always prefer a cross without Jesus on it.

Saturday, March 26

Logic Always Works

Your Hands Say That You Are Logical

You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills.
Flexible and broad minded, you can fit in to any situation. There's no telling where your life will take you.
Brainy and intelligent, you are intellectual to the point of being incomprehensible.
Your emotions tend to be relaxed and uncomplicated. You don't read too much into things.

Somewhat true and false. For one, I always internalise things. But I am comprehensible and analytical - enough to understand and get a grasp of the fore factor reviews. I reckon, if I have a switch.. I'll be a scientist or something that uncovers mysteries or unhide the truth. I like learning new things to.

Something to Perk me Up

These days, I seem to be out of energy often. I get tired really very easily. I haven't changed my routine except going to sleep early because I am tired early. Maybe, it's the hot weather or I just need something to boost my immune system - I'll click here later to find out what will work for me.

Although, I have already tried taking energy drink. Yes, I haven't tried it before but I though, I might try it now that I see to badly need it. I'm takin it slow. I haven't finished 1 can for more than 2 days now. No wonder, I didn't feel the effect.

It's weekend, and feel revived and energised... so the "down" time must be over.. and I'm back to my normal self. Besides, I have to.. :) it's weekend.


Toy Story 3 in the Background

I know it's been out for how long, I'm not really sure but we haven't seen it yet. Or the Tatapilla haven't seen it until today. The DVD is still to exy for me to buy so I decided to rent it instead for 3 nights - over the weekend.

It was a good bribe for the funky boy to go to sleep a little bit early for a Friday night. He woke up before 6 saying, he already had 1 sleep and he can already watch the movie. I can't even open my eyes yet. So he went back to sleep. When he awoke, he had his Dad prepared hi brekky and put the dvd on after eating.

So, while I go on with my Saturday morning lazy and somewhat relaxed routine (no lounging in hot tubs or putting hot tub covers), Toy Story 3 is blaring in the background. We just have enough time to finish the movie and some of the chores, before we go marching to the swimming school and to the shops.


Baker for Newer

I seldom watch the telly these days. Last night was one of those rare occasions, it was footy night, you see. I enjoy watching the "violent" sport as others view it. I'm an adopted Queenslander now and this sport is hailed here - so I'm adopting it as well. Despite of its physical and brawny nature, the players are really good at it especially my favourite team. It's reason enough to watch the game.

Anyway, apart from the game.. I had fun watching this advert.

It's just so hi-tech. Of course, that can be expected of the brand that he is endorsing but I reckon, the add entirely is another genre. I can't remember if I own anything of the brand as one has to read lcd tv reviews first before buying but I especially favour the vacuum (or whatever it is called). So savvy and funky, I almost expect it has a mind of its own to know where to clean.

Sunday, March 20

Without You

This is Kieth Urban's first song I have listened to and boy, how I like it. The video featured Nicole and Sunday Rose. So sweet. I see in one of the comments in youtube, that Kieth is the most romantic man on Earth.

Every picture tells a story in Keith Urban's black and white music video for his new single, "Without You."

While the country star plays guitar in a sparsely furnished room, personal images from his life on the road, the stage, his wedding to Nicole Kidman and footage of daughter Sunday Rose in her crib are projected onto the white walls in the clip, which debuts Tuesday on iTunes, CMT and GAC.

Other intimate footage captures the married couple running playfully on a beach – and a bare-chested Urban getting out of a hotel room shower.


Now, I know he's found our backyard but I really haven't seen him performed live. If only it is also available from Oz those Keith Urban Tickets, Bon Jovi Tickets, Kenny Chesney Tickets, Dave Matthews Band Tickets and Rush concert Tickets. .. I'd sure be watching their concert. But I hope soon, when time also permits.. I'll see one of my favourite performers on stage.


Saturday, February 26

It's Decided

I know, it's still way far but I'm already excited nonetheless. Yes, we've finally decided our trip back to my homeland and we've booked our flights, this early.

My passport will expire in the middle of this year and Mcj's is already expire and we'll renew soon but this didn't stop us from booking the flights. With our busy schedule (like those holding a full time job - could be production job), things have to be planned way in advance. It takes weeks or months to get things done based on experience. But I also like this way, at least it'll give me time to decide and buy presents when they are on sale not when I am cramming and just buy however much they are. Plus, I can also spend more time researching for our itinerary.

I haven't told my family back home yet. I don't want them to get excited when it's still a long time for us to get there. If I can have my way, I want it to be a surprise. We'll see.

Saturday, February 19

Adventure, Yeah!

You Are Confident

You like to be in the middle of the action, although you don't purposely seek attention.
You are very laid back and enjoy being around other people. You are surprisingly easy going.
Structure and rules bore you. You thrive on action and always want to be moving forward.
You are an adventure seeker, but you're also realistic. You want an adventure to improve your life.

I won't deny the adverturous side. I am that and I love challenge though, I hage living my comfort zone. Who doesn't anyway? But the reason I chose the shoe is because I like the colour - it doesnt look to be good in walking on glass tile. I don't own a pair of some sort, so no worries.

Scottish-themed Books

Lately, I've been drawn into Scottish-theme novels (romance of course). It's my way of acquianting myself with the history with at least non-boring stuff. I've been planning to read world history or at least about one of the major wars in the world but most of the books I've came across are all boring me to tears. I'm not really into history and before, the orientation is more on western and asian countries. Living in Oz has exposed me to Regency, Highlanders, etc. I've known kilt and very curious about lairds (amoung other things such as how to lose weight fast). I'm still exploring this type of novels to find my favourites


Cinderella Story

Well, I'm certainly a late bloomer. I just saw this movie. I didn't even know that it exists. I was looking for a suitable movie for the Tatapilla at the video store and I found it. It's rated G but I'm the only one who saw it. I suppose, I can't really force my family to watch this type of movie than trick them to read supplement reviews. It's one of my favourite movies so far. I'm drawn into movies with happily-ever-after ending. Typical, maudlin me. :)


What Love Is Concert

I'm a big fan of Sarah Geronimo and I know that she had a concert (pre-valentine) with Martin Nievera. Since I can't be there to watch in person, I always hang in wait in youtube. Sarah has solid fans who share her vids very promptly.

This part is my favourite of all. She and GA look good together. They have "kilig" factor. Although, I might add Sarah always have that kilig factor with who ever she is paired with. It seems most of her leading men are attracted to her (like those health/beauty conscious with hydroxycut). I cant wait to see the whole video. Her music and videos/movie are on my list for things to buy when we go back home.


Oprah in Australia

I know this is history but I only get to see one of the episodes of Oprah's show in Australia today although I have seen some trailers. I would say, it was impressive. The crowds are really lucky to be there. I heard it was sort of like contest to be there.

I like Bon Jovi here really. I reckon, he doesn't grow old at all. He seems to look the same 10 years ago. I'm looking forward to see the episode with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman though. I just hope Tourism Australia has got the response or reaction they wanted after the episodes. I saw tourism ads during the show (no apidexin though). Although, it was an encore I reckon there are still people who were eager to watch it like me who missed it the previous time.

Sunday, February 13

Far from Reality

Your Stress Level is: 42%

You are somewhat prone to stress, especially when life gets hard.
When things are good, you resist stressing over little problems.
But when things are difficult, you tend to freak out and find it hard to calm down.

but I'm feeling it now. I reckon, it's just the heat catching up on me as I felt the onset of cold when the mercury was raging last week. Now, I'm truly laden with it. But life goes on as colourful as if I'm using color ink cartridges printing things to life. Though, we have to ditch a birthday party invite so I can nurse my snuffling self.

So Little Time

Why does weekend pass me buy so quick? I don't get to enjoy or savour it. Seem unfair really. Oh maybe just this week as I am down with flu that I have to be tied down on the bed but at least we have done our usual weekend routine of shopping, library, banks, etc. Do not even mention the household chores. They are all awaiting eagerly, if I may say so, for our attention. But they can wait. There are more pressing matters to attend to.

The organising of household furniture is another matter for me but I can only lift some of them so they are left to those with brawns - except maybe hanging up custom address plaques. Fortunately, our carpet was cleaned and shampooed last week and Mcj contracted a regular cleaner for the inside of the house.

Sunday, February 6

Name Game

We had a lot of fun at work for the past week or so. One of our products have to named with a "super name" for marketing purposes. At first, some send their entries timidly. Until one of the sales guys send in plethora of options - at the end of the competition he sent in a total of 35 entries. The management received a total 65 entries for just 17 of us at work. Imagine?!

Anyway, after all the speeches we've heard my co-worker and I discussed that there was an underlining meaning and thought going around that most of the guys will be leaving. We were speculating of the reasons, as the usual after event train. Could they be RDBMS jobs Sydney or some ERP jobs in Sydney? Are they leaving because of the pressure at work? Is it because of the management? Or of the other staff?

Whatever the reason maybe, hopefully, it was just a thought running wild on us.

The fun go on, though... however big or small the event is.

Latest on Jen

"No, I'm not adopting a Mexican child. Adam Sandler adopted four last week and that never even got mentioned."
– Jennifer Aniston, using her Just Go with It costar to deflect adoption rumors, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Monday, January 31

Left Overs

On weekends, I am inundated with left over food. It's a big dilemna (as if it's rocket science or those IT Jobs people are facing) for me because first, I am not keen on eating left overs myself so how can I feed my family with them if I won't eat them? Unless, the food is a Pinoy food.

Yesterday, we had stew/gumbo with the mish-mash of all the dishes we had for the week. It was all gone - I mean, we ate them all up. I think, no choice is good as we are forced to eat anyway. :)

So today, I had some more left over for lunch - calamari and fried rice with eggs.


On Cars

The car dealership around the corner from the house had a display of lemon green car. It was a sports car, not sure if it was an audi or something else. We were driving past and I was really tempted to stop to just check it out. It stands our from the rest because of it's colour. I told the Tatapilla that if we have money to disposed on a car, I'll buy something in the same colour, maybe a Porsche 911 Carrera - not that I am into racing or any racing for that matter.

Or something like this? I thought, the grass makes it funny.

Well, I can keep on dreaming about cars that I really like. I might try bentley? Oh, for sure it'll be a 4B for touring Australia - a jeep wrangler maybe?

But for now, I'm happy with my car.. it's going smoothly and hasn't played up on me yet.

Iphone Fun

For almost a month now, I haven't updated my iphone apps nor have I downloaded any new. I haven't actually logged into to my phone. I was just being lazy. But seeing this particular iphone app piqued my interest. I might go back to my iphone fun activities again like shopping, which comes to mind that with the proliferating and growing iphone shopping apps, it's really good for the buyers as good deals are available.. on some there are free shipping on products and it's a big bonus if the app is very fast and reliable.

I'll be iphone reborn for me.


It's Back to School, let's talk about ink

My knowledge on ink is pretty limited. We use printer in my work but I'm not the purchaser although in my previous job I was a bit involve in buying the office supplies, the options really are limited as to the printer that we were using then.

But I am not without the thought that buying ink just like any other office and school supplies are quite tedious and at times cumbersom as there are many choices of ink cartridges. Throw in the colour factor.

But it seems, those little and most important factors in buying printer cartridges have been addressed by Being an online shop, it is surprising that they also cater to corporate clients not just individuals. We all know that corporate clients get discounts in most if not all businesses. Based on the testimonials of the past customers, the customer service is also excellent plus they are said to be providing value for money for printer ink cartridges.


Wednesday, January 26

Australia Day 2011

We've just been to the beach - our family tradition during this day in a year. We met the family of the Tatapilla's friend in daycare for the first time and it was a blast.
We've avoided going to crowded beaches before but this time, because of our new friends.. we camped in the crowded but fun area.
As clothes, it was no worries about my father and son and we came armed with their togs and hats. It was another story with our friend though. They forgot their son's togs and have to swim in his shirts (with lots of sunscreen). There were many shops open but it seems none for men's clothing.
The day is not over yet but we already had a ball. The perks of living close to the beach.

Friday, January 14

Lighter Note

I've been listening to '80s music while working this afternoon. I most definitely prefer them that the latest compositions. The lyrics are more meaningful and straight to the heart - may they be love songs or just for moral lessons.

It started with Peabo Bryson in Beauty and the Beast..and moved on to David Pomeranz, Stephen Bishop, etc...

What's with 80's music anyway. They stay in ones system.

And so this is my favourite music when I was in college. The best, always makes me sad and happy. Researching for best weight loss supplement has been put on hold.. because of this.

It made me realise too that there are really good movies in the 80's that I haven't seen yet like Zapped, Tootsie... and more that I haven't found out yet.

Hectic? Sorta..

I've been working from home since Wednesday after being sent home early last Tuesday. That is, I left work early around noon but got home at 5:30 after two train rides and a bus ride. I ended up a station before the usual and have to wait for Mcj for more than an hour to pick me up. Our driveway was flooded and because of the little bridges, he doesn't want to risk crossing them as they might have been damaged by the floods.

So much on my end... though, I dont' really want to internalise the current situation of the people in Brisbane that are flooded. The massive clean-up that they have to go through, losing their posession and especially those that lost their loved ones.. those who witnessed it. It always breaks my heart. I stopped watching the news. Financial help is always welcome, government aids, proceeds from motorcycle insurance or any vehicle insurance, house insurance.. they relieve the hardships but the emotional trauma that those victims have endured, is so insurmountable that no words can pacify them.

For some, it's back to normal.. for some just go back to living and try to be normal. But all of these will pass and will be a distant memory just like other calamities.

Wednesday, January 12

Brisbane in Flood Disaster

Brisbane is declared a disaster area due to floods in areas around the Brisbane river. The rain has let us from late yesterday to today. There's a bit of blue sky today and the sun is out but it's no relief as the water has already been in the water systems and just waiting to go down to the rivers and creeks.

People in Ipswich and Brisbane CBD are preparing for the water to peak up later today and tomorrow. I'm sure safe fat burner is the very least of their worries.

King tide is also expected around today and tomorrow. That will exacerbate the water level and will cause more flooding around the city.

I'm just hoping that this soon will be over and the damage will be least than expected.


Sunday, January 9

Car Talk

Prior to 2011, the CD Player in my car wasn't working. It just stop all of a sudden with an MJ CD stuck in it. In the new year, I decided to give my car (I should give her a name) some much-needed TLC inside and out, which didn't really take us long to do. When we used our car right after cleaning, MJ's song wafted in the air. I just thought, it was from the radio. We noticed then that the player is working. It's a wonder what a few wipes, dusting and water can do to a car - without visiting auto repair shops.

I failed to report the major damage that my car had endured last year. It happened when the passenger door at the back of the driver was open and my BIL drove past it without checking his mirror. It is bent badly that if one opens it, for somebody like me, I won't be close it. I happen to dodge opening it for quite sometime and when I un-intentionally did, I was at the shops I had to call for rescue. It still hasn't been fixed - even the shops are not as far as that of Chicago auto repair, I just can't do without a car - as if I am so used to having one...LOL.

Today, Mcj tried to fix the wiperblades and something broke. It's sunday, shops are closed so there, I won't be able to use it as it has been raining all day. My car is not Toyota Camry, it's Holden so parts are available locally - no worries about that.


Medical Supplies

I have always admired people with career that gives them distinct uniform. Gears that identify them from the rest of the pack. Now, the top most that comes to mind is medical uniforms, then there's the people in service, etc.

As to uniforms, there are many stores that one can buy them from online or offline. Most people utilises the web prominently, because of ease. Plus discount discount medical scrubs and discount nursing scrubs are ripe for the picking.

There's also the quality to consider and other hidden charges when buying online. It is sometimes better to do your research before committing something.


This 2011

...we're praying, hoping, wishing that it'll be better than the previous. Despite the natural calamities that hit (and still going on) QLD, we still expect something good if not better to come. One can only hope.

I have made some mental list that I'd like to change or do. I'll just keep them in my thoughts, though sometimes, I forgot them and I jumbled their order of importance.

I want to accomplish many things this year. I haven't made a list but I'll work on it. Small projects is also in the forefront of my mind like decorating the house and maybe consider buying some UTV Accessories.

Days fly by so quick and we are now on the 2 week of the year. Happy 2011.