Monday, July 31

Two and two

Friend J and I planned to watch a movie, The Break-up, last Saturday night. Before going to the mall, I checked the show schedule here and found out that the next show will start by past 7PM.

We decided to shop around while waiting for the show time as we arrived early.

I tell you, shopping around was a bad idea.

We enjoyed hopping from one boutique to the other that we decided to skip the movie and do the full-time shopping. Hehehe!

J bought a cap for a friend and I bought these.

I told myself long way back not to buy fashion earrings anymore (I have almost 10 pairs at home that I use once in a blue moon). But these caught my fancy. They can be paired to any blouse or dress and can be worn everyday. So there, I have justified my impulse.

But I like the pair very much and I am wearing them to work today.

We had so much fun. We capped the night by a dinner in the Ilonggo food restaurant.

On the fashion front, friend H promised to make me Swarovski crystal earrings for my birthday last year.

Well, she just gave them to me last Saturday. Late.. but!

Look at them… nice color, my favorite. (Pardon me for being a show-off but they are so bling-bling to ignore)

Saturday, July 29

What’s up for today?

It is the birthday of an officemate tomorrow and he chose to treat us today to a big lunch.

I’m full!

It’s also sort of a reunion for those who stayed and those who left the company for a greener (financial and career wise) pasture.

Today is the last 30 days of my career life here. It won’t be that long and I will be one of those who left for greener pasture. Only the main reason is family-oriented.

My days in the company are numbered. =D

Yes, I tendered my resignation letter, whatever the decision of the embassy to my visa application.

We haven’t received the feedback from the Australian Embassy yet, but Hubs CJ and I agreed that it would be best to hand-in my resignation now so the company will have ample time to hire my replacement.

But the power of positive thinking is working on me. I might be busy next week packing my stuff to be transported to the province.

For now, I have to prepare for the schedule of handing-over my functions to my buddy.

Friday, July 28

Cheer me up


Have you seen the attachment to a forwarded email where there are maggots on the lady’s tit?

Have seen it once.. and I really cringe (gave me gooseflesh)! I can’t bear to look at it again.

Until now! A forwarded email from hi-school friend has it. The picture is pasted in word document and took a little time to download.. and it was too late when I noticed what it was!

Now, the photo was inked in my mind for a long while and I seem can’t close my eyes (I feel like something is crawling on my feet right now).

It looks like I am over-reacting but I can’t stand those crawlies. I detest maggots, caterpillars, snakes, and ohhh.. any thing that crawl.

And to see it in human flesh!? I’m right on the edge!

PS. The sister (working in the international red cross org) of an officemate said that it was (is) indeed a disease in Africa. Bugs stick to clothes hangs on the clothesline and when worn, creep inside the human body through the pores.

The impatient me!

Yesterday, I felt so grouchy.

I was in a brain-wrecking meeting up to the late part of the day. I have been working on the customization specifications documents of the new project for this whole month of July and the drafts have been through a series of reviews within the group, with the technical team and finally yesterday, with the functional team.

Since, this is entirely a new system, just imagine how many revisions and alterations were done to the supposedly refined documents to arrive at the finish line. And it is taxing for me because once there are slight changes in one document, it went through the rest. Waaaaaa!

Ohhh, well.. that’s not entirely the reason why I was a cranky puss. It’s the impatient me. The waiting game for the decision of the embassy on our visa application is taking its toll on me. I was on the edge the whole day.

We expected that the result would arrive by Wednesday last based on the timeline the last time that we applied and the decision time indicated in the documents from the embassy. But I guess the result of my chest x-ray has its share of the delay and my case officer told me that she just got hold of my docs last Monday.

I know. I know. It’s my attitude. The famous lack of patience.

Hubs have to console me big time last night. So sweet. I was told to switch my attention to doing something like needlepointing.

And the upside? I was able to finish almost a bundle of yarn for my latch hook project. I am quite impressed with my attention span. I think, it went up a mile wide. Hehehe!

Wednesday, July 26


Being separated from Hubs for quite a while always brings myself back to memory lane and nostalgia-ville. I endlessly reminisce what we’ve been through especially those minute yet memorable moments that plaster a wide grin on my face. I could not help to recount to you the CJ-like antics and mushiness.


We always eat ice-cream after dinner, preferably while watching teevee. Drumstick chocolate favor is the usual. Normally, I only ate the cone of chocolate flavor and CJ is used to me feeding him my left-overs. That day, we picked a boysenberry flavor and I didn’t knew then that I would like it. I just devour on it and it was too late when CJ noticed that I’d eat the cone and all. He made a childlike tantrum because I didn’t leave him any. He was so serious and felt beaten. Hehehe. He made a good bargain though saying “I’ll just kiss you, maybe, there’s something left in your mouth”. Who am I to refuse? I found his antic cute. Hehehe.


We went out one evening to meet friends for dinner in Brisbane. It was drizzling so it is convenient for us to use the train rather than bring a car. It was late when we went home and while waiting for our train, I walked over the seat to rest my kind of tired feet. The bench was occupied by a lady and a guy sitting on both ends. Seeing that there was enough space for both us, I find myself sitting and motion CJ to take the place beside me. I was taken aback of his reaction when he wrinkled his nose and said mischievously, “Yuck! You want me to sit beside you?” I didn’t felt embarrassed though because CJ and I always make face. What surprised me was to see the lady on the same bench smiling to us. Hummm, maybe she found CJ’s ploy funny and romantic? I don’t really know. I just wrinkled my plump nose to CJ and said, “Yuck!” Hehehe!


It was the second week of autumn and for me, who is raised and has lived all my life in a tropical country, finds that weather a bit chilly especially in the late afternoon. We were going to the shop and I reckon not to change to warmer clothes but just put on a shawl or jacket. I asked him what should I don with. He impatiently but un-sarcastically replied, “Why don’t you just stamp FOREIGNER on your forehead?” Hehehe.

Being a Filipina, I am full of mushiness and childlike yet sweet way to express my love for my Hubs. This brings back the teen-age, slum-book way of saying “I love you very much”, which is 143 44! I didn’t knew then that CJ has no idea what it was, so when I typed it in our chat the first time, he said “What is that?” I thoroughly explained to him that it’s one way of saying I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! From then on, we seldom end our chat or phone calls without saying numbers. Hehehe, take note… numbers! It means, just any number after 143. Hahaha! And if I miss to type or say numbers, CJ would get back to me dramatically and childishly saying, “You didn’t type/say the numbers”. Waaaa! How childish can we get!


Tell you what the file name of this photo when Hubs sent it to his sister?

"Leave my t*t* alone."

Oh what a mischief!



We played golf when we went to Boracay last year. The golf course is spectacularly landscaped. The small bridges on top of the waterways were designed like caves and there were three. I was really awestruck when we passed one riding a golf buggy and he tilts his head to give me a kiss. He said it is our “kiss passage”. Isn’t he romantic? I can’t wait to pass the other two. But I only end up kissed in one because the caddy drove the buggy pass the third “kiss passage”. Waaaaa!

Tuesday, July 25

Cudburry Chocolates

A slightly late warning, but this might be of help. Some of the contaminated chocolates may still be in the market.


An investigation is under way after Cadbury withdrew a million chocolate bars which may have been contaminated with a rare strain of salmonella.

The possible contamination has been traced to a leaking pipe at a Cadbury's plant in Herefordshire in January.

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P.S. You can read related comments and stories just below the news.

Friday, July 21

Flick Update

Eric Bana to star in a historical romance.

Natalie Portman and Eric Bana are in final negotiations to topline Columbia Pictures' "The Other Boleyn Girl." Justin Chadwick has signed on to direct the historical drama, which is based on a novel by Philippa Gregory.

The story revolves around the ferociously ambitious Boleyn sisters, Mary and Anne (Portman), who are rivals for the bed and heart of 16th century English King Henry VIII (Bana). Peter Morgan ("The Last King of Scotland") adapted the screenplay.

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On the side note:

Dangkin, maybe we could watch the movie together? Your favorite author and book, and my favorite actor in one.


I don’t have much streak of fancy to historical romance and I could not bet my 100 strands of hair that, you like Bana, but I would give a day off work to watch movie with you. =D

Miss ya girl! (sigh)

Mushy – mush!

I just got excited when I read the above article. I waged on that we would be watching this movie where ever in the world we are.

Yet, I still have to know when will this be released. Or did they already start the shoots? Lol.

Coffee anyone?

I am not a coffee drinker. That was my line way back college days.

Now? I am.. and I think, an addicted one. There was one day this week when I thought the cause of my dizziness and dull head-ache was the absence of caffeine in my system.

I even made a special trip to the shop, just to pick my now favorite brand.

I think, I am following the trek of my hubs. =D

I used to make Hubs coffee, no fuss. One teaspoon of coffee and same sugar. Done.

But, that and with all the cups of coffee that I drunk, I still don’t know how to make one for myself. I want my coffe with cream and I can’t make the right combination of coffee, sugar and cream to make a steamy and yummier one. I always end up making use of what I can make. Sometimes, sweeter, bitter, bland or creamier.

And so, I just turn to three-in-one. Now, making coffee was made easy for me. ^-^

How about you? How do you want your coffee, fella?

Wishful thinking for Israel and Lebanon fit

Pitched battles raged between Israeli forces and Hezbollah fighters on the border Thursday, and Israel warned hundreds of thousands of people to flee southern Lebanon "immediately," preparing for a likely ground offensive to set up a buffer zone.

As the death toll rose to 330 in Lebanon as well as at least 31 Israelis, Lebanese streamed north into the capital and other regions, crowding into schools, relatives' homes or hotels. Taxi drivers in the south were charging up to $400 per person for rides to Beirut — more than 40 times the usual price. In remote villages of the south, cut off by strikes, residents made their way out over the mountains by foot.

I only have vague idea how this chaos started and went too destructive, but I dearly pray and hope that this will end soon, peaceably and amicably. I know miracle happens... and God works in great wonder!

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Thursday, July 20


again (sigh)

its gloomy outside.. been raining for fortnight now...

im being nostalgic without hubs on my side. (sniff)

if we could get lucky next week... i might be with him on our 1st anniv.

God please!

Thursday, July 13

First Piece

I am a trying hard and frustrated writer. I just attempt to write about anything. The attempt reached to umpteen times, but had only the guts recently to publish on our Office Circulation, Express Yourself section. Read on... and let me know what you think. =D

When I Grow Up, I want to be
Date Posted: 7/11/2006 11:05:55 AM
Author: Hotlips

How many of us are in the path that we really want, career-wise or otherwise? How many of us have achieved the goals that we dreamt of when we were no less than toothless, bothersome and inquisitive kids?

I would be happy for you, if you are on the right track, a street that you dearly see yourself walking on. Because I, among the many, have been for almost seven years of my working life, traveling on the street that I barely know and comprehend even after graduation in high school.

When I was a kid, I dreamt of being a writer. I can’t remember who my inspirations were but at a young age, I unconsciously honed my skills by reading a lot, talking endlessly while awake and at some point by writing.

But perhaps, my convictions and inclinations to those fields weren’t that intense that after high school, I fancied taking up Mechanical Engineering. Way too far from my “when-I-grow-up-I-want-to-be” pledge.

Four years later, I marched with my head high, alongside my proud parents among the eager graduates of BS Accountancy. What a twist of fate! Yeah, I enrolled to my course blind-folded. I didn’t even know then what job I would get after graduation. I was just often told that it was the most lucrative and practical program of my time. Yet, it was then for me to find out.

Sure thing, I quickly got a job related to my program. Time and events unfolded and I found myself propelled from one function to another in Finance Division.

I am happy and fairly challenged of what I do now. I am able to do things that I love doing and somehow have a “balanced life” that everybody is striving to have.

In the attempt to balance my life, sparing time for entertainment and leisure is a must. I then recounted stuff that I fondly do. I awakened the lurking desire to be a writer…a desire that has been deeply buried to the recesses of my mind and heart.

Is it now too late to embark on that new career? I reckon, no! Inspirations are over-flowing. I am married to a frustrated writer who has a knack for poetry. I suppose we will make a good tandem in the future. A leader cum friend (you know who you are) has been gently encouraging me to join the Toastmasters or write a piece for Connections, and this is it, for a start!

I am not saying that I will leave my current job to focus on my “first love.” I am just thriving to spare a time to make my little dream come to life even in an austere way. At the end of the day, it is always the things that you do, which makes you happy that counts.

Now, I have more reasons to be happy and thankful. It is a great relief to free a somewhat “caged” part of me.

Monday, July 10

Wish Granted


Roger Federrer made it against Rafael Nadal. Told you, grass court is his forte. =D

Though, I am a bit disappointed at the results of the Women’s Single Finals. Amelie Mauresmo indeed proved to Justine Henin-Hardenne that she owns the Australian Open trophy.

Better luck next time, Justine.

Saturday, July 8


I am a bit disappointed to the Wimbledon semis result.

Marcos B didn't make it to the finals. Well, he's still young... a long way to go for him. Who knows!

But, definitely.. I am ecstatic for Roger F. Got cold feet somehow (Roger versus Rafael) but grass court is his forte.

I wish Roger and Justine well for the finals!

= Cant wait again for the finals result!


Just sharing a nice story. Got this from ChickenSoupForTheSoul. Read on.

First Penny
By Bernice Bywater

My husband and I had birthdays six days apart. We always celebrated on a day in between by giving ourselves a joint present. One year we decided to buy a rosebush. So, on a cold, blustery January day, we set off eagerly for the nursery to make our selection. After much thought, we chose a gorgeous, velvety, deep burgundy rose named 'Mr. Lincoln.' With tall, straight stems, it's as stately as our sixteenth president.

It was sure to do well in our Northern California climate. And since my husband's name was Abe, we thought it a good match.

We followed the planting directions and by early July, the 'Mr. Lincoln' bush was loaded with lush burgundy blooms. I cut bouquets for most of July and well into August.

Years earlier, my husband and I had started a tradition. We loved to take early morning walks together. On our walks, the first one to spot a penny could keep the coin for the day's good luck. At the end of the day, the "First Penny" was deposited in a small crystal dish. When there were enough pennies in the dish, we'd go out for an ice cream treat for two.

Years passed, happy years when the roses bloomed and the copper coffer grew.
Then, it was over. On a July second, when 'Mr. Lincoln' was in full bloom, my own Abe died. There would be no more walks, no more talks and no more First Penny contests. I went to the garden that day, cut a bountiful bouquet of the roses and tearfully closed a chapter of my life.

Or so I thought.

A decade passed and on another July second, I set out on my solitary walk. As I passed our rose garden, I thrilled to the bounty of blossoms on the 'Mr. Lincoln' bush. My walk took to me to a nearby park, and, as I came up behind the bandstand, there on the path, shining in the morning sunlight, was a bright copper penny! When I got home, I took the long-unused crystal dish out of the cupboard and put my First Penny in it.

Each morning in July after that day, I took a walk and found a First Penny - sometimes shiny bright and sometimes tarnished - but always there. I began to look for it eagerly. I sensed that a countdown was underway, though I didn't know to what. One penny, two pennies, three pennies - more. At the end of July, thirty copper coins were in the crystal dish.

August first brought me the shining realization that the pennies were counting the days till our wedding anniversary on the eighteenth. If I found one every day between the anniversary of Abe's passing on July second and our wedding anniversary on August eighteenth, I would have forty-eight pennies.
Suddenly, I had a thought. Could it be? I counted out the years. Yes, it was true: This would be our forty-eighth wedding anniversary!

I'm not a superstitious person, but I got hooked. The small ritual became a consuming passion. Eighteen days until our anniversary! I scarcely slept at night waiting for the dawn and First Penny. I found the penny on the path in the park, in front of the convenience store, in the parking lot at the mall, and in front of the grocery store. Not a day was missed.

August eighteenth arrived. There were forty-seven pennies in the crystal dish. Would there be that last forty-eighth coin?

On the afternoon of our anniversary, I drove to the supermarket to pick up some groceries. On the way back to my car, I looked down and there it was: First Penny, shimmering brightly in the late-morning sun!
But there was more. When I returned to my car, there, on the hood, lay a single, long-stemmed 'Mr. Lincoln' rose!

I picked it up reverently and pressed it to my lips, allowing the tears to flow unashamedly. How could this be? How had he done this? As I stared at the lovely flower in amazement, a young man closed the trunk of the neighboring car and walked up to me.

"Oh," he said. "Sorry! That's for my wife. It's our anniversary."

"That's quite all right," I said, smiling at him through my tears. "Thank you. Thank you so very much." I handed him the rose, and he smiled at me.

"You must be thinking of someone special," he said gently.

"Yes," I replied, "and he's thinking of me."

Love makes wonder indeed!

Friday, July 7

Wishful thinking....

Once again, Justine Henin-Hardenne and Amelie Mauresmo will meet in Finals - Wimbledon. Maybe this time Mauresmo will really prove that she deserved the Australian Open trophy?

Maybe! Maybe not!

I’m crossing my fingers that Justine won’t get ill this time and will end the tour, fair for both of them.

On the other hand, I am betting all my luck for Baghdatis to win over Nadal and Federrer over Bjorkman.


Both of my fave players were in to the semis… hopefully, will play against each other on the Finals.

My wish and desire for them.. especially for Marcos. =D

Can't wait for the semis result!

Photos swiped here.

Wednesday, July 5


Got this from a forwarded email.

My admiration goes to the person who ingeniously perfected this art. He/She knows how to acknowledge and give credit to the modern day hero.

Kudos! - to the artist and to the object of his/her art.

Sunday, July 2

Freezing Moment

Finally, the freezing moment for Pinoy world-wide was over. Pacman made it against Chololo.

All through out the event, I am freezing, I held my breath everytime Chololo gave Pacman a good punch or blow.

Actually, close to having a nervous breakdown. Too carried away.

But, its indescribable to see Pacman triumphs! I feel for him!

I bet all Filipinos are proud of him. ... I am!

(Photo swiped from Inq)

Saturday, July 1

Sci-fi Movies

I can count on my fingers how many sci-fi movies I've seen, though I certainly looooove watching movies. Movies such as these, just didn't caught my fancy.

Hubs is my complete opposite. He is so into it that you can't talk to him, let alone make any sound.

But since, I want us to do things together always, I am teaching my nerve to absorb the movies that he likes. And, I just want to return the favor because he instantly likes the movies that I will tend to watch. (thats another story to tell)

And so last night, I watched Superman Returns. The effects are great though the story is way too simple with predictable twist or no twist at all. Ohhh, Brandon Routh is simply a hunk and have an adorable face! I like his cleft-chin most. (don't know if I am making an under-statements here)

I'll rate the movie 5 out of 10! Ouch!

Didn't I tell you that I am not into it? =D

Eggs Lovers

For those of us who love eggs, here's one good news.

"Eggs already have been reinstated as a health food (the major Nurses' Health Study cleared eggs of upping heart attack and stroke risk). Now there's evidence that people who scramble, boil, or poach one for breakfast -- versus eating a bagel with the same number of calories -- bypass junk-food cravings and eat fewer calories for at least 24 hours, without even trying."

Got this article from here.

Now, I have one more reason to really like eating eggs, though, I have been an egg-hunter with no apparent reason. =D

I can eat half a dozen of boiled eggs in one setting.

No wonder why I don't really crave for junk-foods often! wink