Friday, July 28

The impatient me!

Yesterday, I felt so grouchy.

I was in a brain-wrecking meeting up to the late part of the day. I have been working on the customization specifications documents of the new project for this whole month of July and the drafts have been through a series of reviews within the group, with the technical team and finally yesterday, with the functional team.

Since, this is entirely a new system, just imagine how many revisions and alterations were done to the supposedly refined documents to arrive at the finish line. And it is taxing for me because once there are slight changes in one document, it went through the rest. Waaaaaa!

Ohhh, well.. that’s not entirely the reason why I was a cranky puss. It’s the impatient me. The waiting game for the decision of the embassy on our visa application is taking its toll on me. I was on the edge the whole day.

We expected that the result would arrive by Wednesday last based on the timeline the last time that we applied and the decision time indicated in the documents from the embassy. But I guess the result of my chest x-ray has its share of the delay and my case officer told me that she just got hold of my docs last Monday.

I know. I know. It’s my attitude. The famous lack of patience.

Hubs have to console me big time last night. So sweet. I was told to switch my attention to doing something like needlepointing.

And the upside? I was able to finish almost a bundle of yarn for my latch hook project. I am quite impressed with my attention span. I think, it went up a mile wide. Hehehe!


dangkin said...

hmmm.... remember: patience is virtue!

Princess of CJ said...

yep, a virtue that i have yet to acquire. its not inherent i think. hahaha!