Wednesday, July 26


Being separated from Hubs for quite a while always brings myself back to memory lane and nostalgia-ville. I endlessly reminisce what we’ve been through especially those minute yet memorable moments that plaster a wide grin on my face. I could not help to recount to you the CJ-like antics and mushiness.


We always eat ice-cream after dinner, preferably while watching teevee. Drumstick chocolate favor is the usual. Normally, I only ate the cone of chocolate flavor and CJ is used to me feeding him my left-overs. That day, we picked a boysenberry flavor and I didn’t knew then that I would like it. I just devour on it and it was too late when CJ noticed that I’d eat the cone and all. He made a childlike tantrum because I didn’t leave him any. He was so serious and felt beaten. Hehehe. He made a good bargain though saying “I’ll just kiss you, maybe, there’s something left in your mouth”. Who am I to refuse? I found his antic cute. Hehehe.


We went out one evening to meet friends for dinner in Brisbane. It was drizzling so it is convenient for us to use the train rather than bring a car. It was late when we went home and while waiting for our train, I walked over the seat to rest my kind of tired feet. The bench was occupied by a lady and a guy sitting on both ends. Seeing that there was enough space for both us, I find myself sitting and motion CJ to take the place beside me. I was taken aback of his reaction when he wrinkled his nose and said mischievously, “Yuck! You want me to sit beside you?” I didn’t felt embarrassed though because CJ and I always make face. What surprised me was to see the lady on the same bench smiling to us. Hummm, maybe she found CJ’s ploy funny and romantic? I don’t really know. I just wrinkled my plump nose to CJ and said, “Yuck!” Hehehe!


It was the second week of autumn and for me, who is raised and has lived all my life in a tropical country, finds that weather a bit chilly especially in the late afternoon. We were going to the shop and I reckon not to change to warmer clothes but just put on a shawl or jacket. I asked him what should I don with. He impatiently but un-sarcastically replied, “Why don’t you just stamp FOREIGNER on your forehead?” Hehehe.

Being a Filipina, I am full of mushiness and childlike yet sweet way to express my love for my Hubs. This brings back the teen-age, slum-book way of saying “I love you very much”, which is 143 44! I didn’t knew then that CJ has no idea what it was, so when I typed it in our chat the first time, he said “What is that?” I thoroughly explained to him that it’s one way of saying I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! From then on, we seldom end our chat or phone calls without saying numbers. Hehehe, take note… numbers! It means, just any number after 143. Hahaha! And if I miss to type or say numbers, CJ would get back to me dramatically and childishly saying, “You didn’t type/say the numbers”. Waaaa! How childish can we get!


Tell you what the file name of this photo when Hubs sent it to his sister?

"Leave my t*t* alone."

Oh what a mischief!



We played golf when we went to Boracay last year. The golf course is spectacularly landscaped. The small bridges on top of the waterways were designed like caves and there were three. I was really awestruck when we passed one riding a golf buggy and he tilts his head to give me a kiss. He said it is our “kiss passage”. Isn’t he romantic? I can’t wait to pass the other two. But I only end up kissed in one because the caddy drove the buggy pass the third “kiss passage”. Waaaaa!


Owen said...

oh im sure you miss your hubby!

why dont you just follow him down under. i know it's easier said than done.

Ers said...

you bet! i miss him every second ;o)

we're waiting for the decision of the australian embassy on the long stay visitor's visa that we just recently lodged.

and hopefully next year, we can lodge for the migration application =D

dangkin said...

am sure you'll be together soon. just keep on praying...

Ers said...

im crossing my fingers and toes on it =D