Friday, July 21

Coffee anyone?

I am not a coffee drinker. That was my line way back college days.

Now? I am.. and I think, an addicted one. There was one day this week when I thought the cause of my dizziness and dull head-ache was the absence of caffeine in my system.

I even made a special trip to the shop, just to pick my now favorite brand.

I think, I am following the trek of my hubs. =D

I used to make Hubs coffee, no fuss. One teaspoon of coffee and same sugar. Done.

But, that and with all the cups of coffee that I drunk, I still don’t know how to make one for myself. I want my coffe with cream and I can’t make the right combination of coffee, sugar and cream to make a steamy and yummier one. I always end up making use of what I can make. Sometimes, sweeter, bitter, bland or creamier.

And so, I just turn to three-in-one. Now, making coffee was made easy for me. ^-^

How about you? How do you want your coffee, fella?


Brooks said...

I love coffee too...any way I can get it, any time of the day or, creamed, sugared, hot or cold. In fact, I've recently discovered I love iced coffee with sugar and cream. It's enough like cappucino that it's yummy. I drink a lot of instant coffee because I'm always on the run or too busy to make a pot. Some people say that's not real coffee, but if I use 3 heaping spoons to a mug of hot water I get it strong enough to enjoy.

Princess of CJ said...

oh my! you drink too strong a coffee. good for you! i cant stand the bitterness longer. lol.

my hubs is much like you. he wants iced coffee and it is water for him.

i drink coffee to perk me up in the morning and sometimes at noon - when i can smell one from my officemates. hehehe.

dangkin said...

though i like that coffee smell, just don't like how it felt on my palate. glad hubby don't drink it either :-).

'guess i'll start collecting that brand since most of the hotels where we stayed during our trips offered it for fee.. and i'll have it for you as a present when we come for a visit! how's that sound? =)

dangkin said...

i mean, "hotels offered it FREE, not for fee"...hehehe


Princess of CJ said...

yeah, that would be great! i'll expect tons of coffee when we see each other again. hehehe!

good for you! rich doesn't drink coffee. my chris does, and too much!