Friday, August 4

Meme for me

Seen this foursome meme in vina's.

Got me hooked that I did mine. Hehehe!

*4 jobs i would stink at
  1. politician - i was once and was so disappointed
  2. sales person - too shy to approach a stranger
  3. nurse / doctor - i might die ahead of the patient
  4. lawyer - (i might defend a made-up truth unknowingly)

*4 nicknames i made up for myself/other people made up for me
  1. Ers
  2. 'Day Era
  3. Ra - ra ra ra sis bomba. lol
  4. Putot - i guess the ilonggo of petite.. hahaha!
*4 movies i can watch over and over again
  1. the notebook
  2. patriot
  3. the chamber
  4. forever young - with hubs
*4 things i love to do on weekends
  1. sleep/doze off every opportunity
  2. cleaning the house
  3. watch tv/movies
  4. indulge on food
*4 alcoholic beverages i enjoy from time to time
  1. wine
  2. vodka
  3. piƱa colada (does this counts)
  4. bourbon & cola (sips from hubs)
*4 fantastic vacations destinations i would love to go to before i pass out
  1. russia / iceland - (would love to live a year to experience the weather)
  2. venice / paris - (love city)
  3. egypt - historical
  4. israel / nazareth - birthplace of jesus (when its peaceful)
*4 celebrities i would go on a BIG DATE with
  1. eric bana
  2. nicolas cage
  3. pierce brosnan
  4. george clooney
*4 things i could not live without (aside from needs)
  1. phone - when hubs and i are not together otherwise, not!
  2. floss / toothpick
  3. hand lotion
  4. pen and paper /book
* 4 gadgets i wish to have
im techno-challenged ---- none


dangkin said...

want to make a list too but, i think mine won't be foursome.. probably sixsome or sevensome or maybe tensome....and the list goes on.. =D

Princess of CJ said...

hummmmmm! you can start a tensome then. hehehe! something new that i would mimick. ^-^

vina said...

hehe, let's have a date together with george clooney. why isn't wentworth miller on your list? you're really trying to forget him?

have a great weekend Era!

Princess of CJ said...

i should have put wentworth rather than george because, he might just say, "goodbye and goodluck". hehehe! but miller is slightly young, and i like older men. =D

j said...

i enjoy wine from time to time but my vodka days are sooo over!

Princess of CJ said...

im an occasional drinker, mostly with hubs. i might not handle myself properly without him. hehehe!