Tuesday, August 8

Counting My Blessings

Recently, I was so blessed that the good news and graces were overflowing.

I thank God for:
  1. 1. The generosity of Hubs to OUR Family here in the Philippines – as well as the blessings He had bestowed on US. We wont be able to share without those.
  2. 2. The good news that the OB Gyne told me yesterday – I went to Healthway to have the bump on my right tit checked. It has been here for more than two years now but I just brush it off my mind. I just had the courage to have it checked. Doc said, I should not be alarmed as it is just superficial (right under my skin). Warm compress would probably pop it out.

3. I have a normal hearing acuity – while I was at the Healthway Clinic yesterday, I also had my ears checked. I noticed my right ear hearing is becoming faint. I was advised to undergo Puretone and Tampanometry tests. The result according to the Laboratory Doc is normal, but it has yet to be analyzed by the Doc in Healthway ( (I am being positive that everything is alright – minor medications will help).

4. Reunion with the old friend – he was assigned in Davao for more than a year now and he was here in Manila for training in more than a month. It was nice catching up with him last night especially on his love life.

5. The cool weather – I was able to wear my long-ago-bought sleeveless blouse under a sweat-shirt. I just want to pair it with my blue pants. The cool weather allows me to wear sweat shirt even outside.

And for all the blessings that need not mentioned here.

What are you thankful today?


Owen said...

im so thankful that i am here in Manila right now. Seeing my mom again and seeing that she is athe pinkest of health are just two very good reasons to be thankful for.

dangkin said...

glad everything's ok with you.. everything's OK with the 2 of us here, too.. :-)

Ers said...

owen, yeah good health are what most of us are thankful for!

dangking, thanks God we are all alright!

j said...

hi Era, I have so many things to be thankful for and one of them is meeting you in the blogworld :)
take care!

Ers said...

thanks, jairam!

i share the same feelings.

sandra said...

glad to know youre feeling fine. keep counting your blessings :D

Ers said...

yes,im feeling pretty good!