Wednesday, August 23

Just that...and I will be well!

I just sent-off my parents yesterday afternoon for the province.

Now, I am back to my routine.

I was able to start reading a novel of one of my favorite authors last night. I had done some shopping in the afternoon.

Seems, everything is back to normal. (Packing of some nominal stuff can wait for the week-end.)

Having my parents around is a delight to the heart and spirit. It’s been ages when I had a memorable bonding session with them.

We talked a lot at night before hitting the hay or when we were all flat on the bed.

Shopping is also one of the nicest ways to knit a string.

Since, it was Nanay’s first, we tripped to some historical landmark. It lifted me up to see them enjoy big time.

And traveling to and fro our relations were exciting. But that was so taxing for me. It had taken its toll on my energy. For me who has only been on the road for only 15 minutes for the office, traveling for more than two hours in the morning and afternoon wore me out. The fumes, bumpy road and careless driving (of some drivers) sapped my energy that I felt lethargic reaching the end.

I am not prepared to live in suitcases for that matter, unless of course I am on vacation and not going to draw on my brain. Lol

Meantime, I have to make use of the time left that I am here in Manila. I have some catching up to do with my work and friends.

Maybe, eating my favorite food before taking off will be on the list and running some errands.

But what I want most is to have my breathing and thinking back to normal. I tend to be in haste and forgetful these days. (Forgetfulness might be my mind’s normal shape – lol).

Blame it to my giddiness to be with sweet CJ. You reckon!

But! I have long yearned for this moment, when I have to pack all the memories and mementos of my entire life in Manila and set to OZ to join my better half. That time has come, momentarily though.

The sleepless nights and arduous packing will be well paid off. Just a smile. A kiss. A hug, …. Just the sight of CJ.


dangkin said...

waiting days is over--very soon... before you left, eat more jollibee fried chicken for me! =))

Princess of CJ said...

fried chicken - that one i forgot. hehehe!

yeah, will eat... heaps.

Cerridwen said...

I see I wasn't the only one with the adventurous week.

Don't forget to get what you need ot pack because there will always be something you will feel you should have inserted in that luggage when you get back.

Have a wonderful & safe time :)

Princess of CJ said...

G, seems my baggage is now overloaded. contemplating on what to toss out and what not. yet, im also dropping hints to CJ to pay for my excess load. hehehe!

Have a great week!

sandra said...

whew, nakakapagod nga :) well, at least it was fun.

Princess of CJ said...

yeah, enjoyed it big time =D