Thursday, August 24

Small world!

Do not burn bridges, the world is small. I often heard this from officemates who are leaving the company. Thus, the mandatory 30 days turnover of function should be well and thoroughly done aside from teaching your personal strategy and approach to your replacement. It doesn’t sound bad at all as it looks like you’re leaving a legacy. Now, I find myself submitting to the same process.

Speaking of leaving, almost all of my teammates have been in exodus. Actually, I am second to the last. Not bad, eh! All that came about in less than two years. Now, you’re maybe wondering what work environment and climate I am in. You can’t blame it all to the company. It just boils down to the fact that we have a very lucrative, attractive and hot career. As the cliché goes, strike while the iron is hot and so they did! I am casting myself out, as my ground for leaving is more of family circumstances.

The people that composed the original team have been scattered all over the world but we constantly keep in touch (except for some – hope they can read this and get kicked by their conscience, that is, if they have - hehehe). We had build so strong a bond while working with each other that oceans and spaces are not a humongous obstacle that cannot be hurdled. Thanks to who-introduce-the-www and who-invented-mobile-phones-and-smses. The fact that touches me more is, we didn’t forget each other despite the infamous busy schedule of the career-oriented people.

Just today, I switched to prepaid mobile number, as postpaid aren’t practical for roaming services. The charges are on top of the plan so what the heck did I subscribe for that plan? (I just found this out after I returned from my last trip.) Oh well, I overlooked the thought that I might be going out of the country when I entered into that contract.

Going back, I did this so my families, friends and co-workers here won’t spend too much in keeping in touch with me. Oh well, yeah, I want them to keep in touch as I sometimes missed talking in Tagalog or Ilonggo while in OZ. I had been through that.

And talking of keeping in touch, just today, former boss cum friend, B, rang me up to humor me to defer my flight. She’s offering me a sub-con consultancy job. I was almost tempted as I really fancy myself being a consultant especially if I know the modules like the back of my hand. I know, I have so much to share. Plus the fact, that working with friends sounds comforting.

Anyway, the job can wait till next year. Borrowing Mc Arthur’s words, I shall return.

For now and until then, I’ll be content of hearing their voices once in a while or seeing their thoughts and feelings in words. That is sooo much better than zilch.


Owen said...

so you're going to OZ? cool! im sure youwill have a wonderful time down there. being away from a loved-one sometimes just hit us, big time! where in OZ will you be?

have a safe trip!

Princess of CJ said...

thanks, owen. with the separation from my husband, sometimes i am thinking that i am getting the hang of it, but reality is, i am longing inside. thank God, He gave us so many chances and we're grabbing them. =D

we're located in the south-east queensland, in a 30-minutes-away-from-brisbane suburb.

dangkin said...

did mcarthur ever really came back? 'forgot my history! :P

nway, have a safe trip & don't forget to have fun! :))

Princess of CJ said...

the australians reckon, those words of mc arthur were for them and he indeed returned from here. heard it in oz tv show and it might be true. it was not truly intended for the philippines.

thanks! i'll make fun! =D

j said...

enjoy the wonderful world of Oz Era. wish you well, regards. :)

Princess of CJ said...

thanks jairam! i am so excited now!