Sunday, November 15

Early Start for Us

We are flying via Sydney to get to Manila.  These days, there are no direct flights from Brisbane to Manila anymore.  If I remember correctly, the direct flights have been cancelled a few months before our previous visit - which was more than 2 years ago.  Anyway, as we are flying from Domestic airport in Brisbane and landing to Domestic airport in Sydney, we intentionally book an early flight to give us ample time for the transfer from the Domestic airport to International.  Hence, the early start.

Our original plan was to get our luggage packed with Protect-a-bag, a plastic wrapped around the luggage. We did our research and found that there's one in Brisbane airport, level 4 but we didn't check which airport is it.  Little did we know that it is in the International only.  Oh well.

But we did wake up really early, as in 3AM.  That gave us an hour to putter around, have coffee, load our bags in the car, etc.  We left home a little after 4 AM and it doesn't take long to drive from home to the airport in the early hour of the morning. 

Getting early to the airport worked in our favour as I am using a new passport and apparently my travel records were not updated yet.  The Qantas staff was so patient to call the Immigration and confirm/update my records.  We finally got there.    

And now, we are having breakfast and relaxing.  And writing this post but I am not connected to the internet so I can post it yet.