Wednesday, December 31

Longing for...

I missed Christmas in the Philippines, the way my family celebrate it. Most of all, it’s the food that I longed for. I imagined my mother getting busy, weeks before the day so we have lots on food on the table. So is the same for the New Year. There’s the panic buying of round fruit. My grand mother used to prepare her own menu very early of the New Year’s Eve. And the fireworks and even fire crackers that my father prepared for the Big Night, I wish I was there.

While in my side of the world, I wasn’t even busy at all. We had Christmas lunch with the in-laws and I was tasked to make spring roll. I experimented it a week before and I made so much that I froze some so on the Christmas day, we just popped them in the oven for 20 minutes and they were ready. I was just busy shopping and wrapping gifts. Christmas had gone and compared to what I used to back in RP, it wasn’t merry at all – the consolation is I am with my own family.

It’s New Year’s Eve and we don’t even know what we are going to do tonight. I’m at work now and though it’s not busy, being here I can’t plan and do anything on what are we going to do tonight or tomorrow. Since I got here, we celebrate New Year with Mcj’s brother and his family. We party (drink, dance, do karaoke, etc) and watch fireworks on midnight. This year, it’s all a blur. Mcj said, N (my sis-in-law) is conning him to go to the New Year’s Eve Square Dance. I told him that he should go and he’ll just pick us up at home when it’s finished and we can to go N’s place. But I didn’t hear any development about it. We might end up watching fire works in the telly at this rate.

Oh well, enough ranting. I think, staying home for the New Year for the first time would be fine. We will be fine. At least we won’t need safety equipment in case something might come up when we’re on the go.

Fruit Bat

I am quite glad that Jens has taken into liking fruit like grapes, blue berries, rock melon, water melon, cherries, etc. These fruit are in abundance now so it’s fun to buy them (like picking in the orchard) plus they are cheap.

I can feed him fruit for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner and he won’t complain. When the going gets tough – that is when he’s whinging, popping grapes or blue berries in his mouth does the trick. Water melon and rock melon are favourites too! They are juicy and make him slurp the juice.

The poor old banana had been set aside. I have a couple in the freezer waiting for me to turn them into banana cake.

But he’s not taken into some of the stone fruit. We bought heaps two weeks ago and I found out over the weekend that they were all rotten. I think, it’s their smell and unique taste. I’m not taken into them myself. I haven’t tried him on the fruit of Pomegranate trees though. Maybe, one of these days, we’ll buy him some. We’re always having fun trying him on to something new especially fresh food.

Monday, December 29

The Long Weekend That Was

I didn’t ask for an extra day off from the office this season. I reckon, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day are enough days for me to rest and play. We haven’t planned of going away so there’s no need for it anyway. I wanted to go somewhere but by the time we actually decided to book, there were no resorts in the coast that are available in our timeshare club. So I gave up.

I truly appreciate our staying home in the past long weekend. I was able to do some household chores in my own time, relax and unwind with my one-and-a-half-men, and have fun.

Saturday, we went to the park to feed the birds, ducks mostly (after dashing to the shop to buy some munchies – not promotional product). (I will upload photos soon I’ve transferred them from my camera). It was funny as our feed was rice pops so Jens alternately put a handful in his mouth and throwing to the pond. We also tried the playground. He loved the rocking turtle but the slippery slide was better. I was scared for him as it was a bit high and the steps leading the top are made of stainless metal and not really for his age. Despite of me staying at the top and his Daddy at the bottom to catch and guide him, I was still not convinced that he was fine. We tried to distract him with the see-saw, merry go-round and the swing but he always came back to the slide. In the end, we just decided to leave amidst the flailing hands and kicking legs.

We’ve been asking him if he wants to go for a swim the next day, and he would nod his head.

The next day came and it was drizzling in the morning. We wouldn’t have an idea what’s going on in his head, is he disappointed that it is raining and we can’t go to the pool or what? By noon, the weather favoured the little boy so we left for the pool. He used his floaties for the first time and he was thrilled by them. It was helpful in a way but he still swallowed too much water – so much so that he burped when he was out of the pool. What can floaties do when he opens his mouth almost all the time? We taught him to close his mouth and he did momentarily and then opened it again when he’s going underwater.

Though swimming was long been awaited, it wasn’t that that caused the big drama of the day. It was him wanting to drive the car. Before we left for the swim, Mcj put him on the driver’s seat and let him steer the wheel and wouldn’t leave it at all. He was screaming all the way to the pool. Thanks to blueberries, it was sort of manageable. The same drama happened on the way back. He and Daddy even stayed in the car park and in the garage for a couple of minutes to give in to his wishes. But he needs to rinse the chlorine off. He was inconsolable when he got off the car. We’ve agreed in the car with a screaming match in the background that we’re going to buy him a steering wheel to be attached to the back of the seat but now I’m thinking, we might need to buy him a car that he can get on and steer. Daddy has his eyes on the electric car already. I just hope this fancy would soon fade out.

Christmas Fun

How was your Christmas everyone? I’m sure it was fun. And I hope despite of it being commercialised every passing year, deep within we didn’t forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Our family had Christmas lunch with the in-laws. Although, I missed the way Christmas is celebrated in the Philippines with my family, what we had here was closed to what I long for. Sharing laughter with family, eating good food and wine (or any drinks) and playing Santa. I didn’t expect to receive anything (nor Mcj of any silk ties) as what I wanted was already granted but we received gift cards. I thought then, more shopping for me but I was able to curb my desire to spend them the next day. We don’t really need anything now so I thought; we’ll just save it to shop for the little boy’s wardrobe for the next season.

So, what did you do last Christmas?

Friday, December 26

Wednesday, December 17

Tuesday Toot #1

I'm working from home again today. The power in the office was switched from the generator to main but the aircon is still now working. The expected time of restoration is tomorrow noon but we'll have to see.

Mcj rose up early today so I also crept out of bed while Jens was still asleep to get dress for the day. I was hoping to do some household chores before he woke up but that didn't happen. So I gave him his meds and breakfast early and turned my laptop earlier than usual so I can start working early as well.

It's a lazy day for me. More reading for me to do which at times bore me. But I have to do it anyway. No getting away from it. I have to know the new process so I can test when it is ready.

Since I sort of start early for work today, I am thinking of going to the shop to hunt for the elusive laptop again. I just have to have it, lest I'll be on the look-out forever. It's just me. If I set my mind to it, there's no getting out of it. That bad!

Hope you all have a pleasant day.

Tuesday, December 16

What I Want for Christmas?

I wanted Ipod for my birthday but I had second thoughts. Been reading some medical stuff and found that wearing earphones to listen to music are not good for the ears. Affect the hearing overtime plus the bacteria that you get from them earphone. So, I didn't push for it. I just throw the idea at the back of my mind. Don't really need it. I can just sleep or read in the train.

Then my inlaws gave me this:

A samsung T10 8GB MP3 player. Not Ipod but it's the next best thing to Ipod so I read, plus it is free so even better than Ipod, isn't it?

Mcj got a SatNav which I reckon would be in my car when I get one - that is I get my P license.

So want I really want for Christmas now? Nothing in particular at all. But I always love new clothes, and shoes and bags. :)

Monday, December 15

Busy Weekend, As Usual

It's not entirely because, it's close to Christmas.

Thursday, Jens had a chesty cough. Come Friday, his appetite is waning. Very unlikely of him who loves food. He just had an eye for custart and juice. He didn't eat much on Saturday, either. Then, he was running a temperature and dribbling. Cause obviously was teething. The same case on Sunday, so we took him to the clinic in the afternoon. He has a bit of a chest infection.

I had my driving lesson Monday morning. I am always busy on weekends since I started learning how to drive which by the way, according to my instructor, I'm faring well. I'm always juggling between housework and driving and stuff.

Okay, Sunday after the visit to the clinic, we bought take-away lunch and ate at the park. It was fun. We fed the birds with our left overs. But silly as I am, I tugged Mcj and Jens to go to the shop to hunt for the very elusive laptop bag that I want. And it is indeed elusive because we didn't find any but we didn't come home empty handed. As a matter of fact, we have our hands full, literally. In the spur of the moment, decided to shop for Christmas gifts. That's after we found out that the shop close an hour later.

We splurge for gifts a bit this year, since I reckon I have a job, we ought to. I was having a hard time choosing a gift for my parents-in-law until Mcj suggested we buy them chocolates. They don't need anything and they have a sweet tooth. I can now imagine my MIL complaining that they might need Fenphedra after the Yuletide season.

We came home late and decided not to cook dinner. We had pasta at the resto which Mcj liked. Then, the little boy had an excruciating peggy pain. Can't sleep and can't eat. We even walk the mile by putting him in the pram and walked up to the end of the street and back at almost midnight. It did good, so our effort wasn't in vain.

Yeah, it was busy but I am thankful today that Jens is alright now. And I am working from home for the remainder of the day and until further advised. The aircon in the office is broken. :)

Monday, December 8

Very Busy Weekend

I think the past weekend has been our the very busy since we got Jens. It is a consolation that I worked from home Thursday and Friday and then, today, I have spread-out some of the household chores in five days. I am not that flat-out doing them, though there are still some that needs to be done. But they can wait.

Anyway, we've been planning to check the location of my new office to check how far it is from the train station and what are the shops nearby but couldn't find the right timing. We are moving in this December so we can't delay the visit any longer. So we did last Saturday. It was quite long drive plus we got lost on the way there but we arrived safely. We just had a snacks on the cafe nearby and checked the distance to the train station. And boy, was it soo steep a hill that one would be panting on the way up. On the way home, we took the back route - where the nice views and sceneries are - especially the Mt. Cootha Lookout.

We just looked around, had ice cream and went home - got rained on the way.

Come Sunday, the weather was a tad gloomy. We talked of going to the pool but I wasn't excited because the weather was not on our side. By 10am, it was getting hot and the sun was up so we prepared for the big dip.

It was Jens first time but with his love of water, nothing was scaring him at all. Truth be known, it was us who were scared of his eagerness. He was so independent that our guidance felt like a restriction for him. He kept saying "more".

He discovered a game of climbing on the edge of the pool and going back down again. His suit is soo worn-out on the front of him crawling on the rough surface.
I took him to the playgroup and I witnessed how grown-up and independent he thinks he is. He went from one ride and toy to another. I was so surprised he knows how to rock himself on the rocking whale. My little boy is no longer a baby - yet he still smells like one. :)
We stayed for about 2.5 hours at the centre. It was so close to our home that we decided to rinse off the chlorine in the house. We were all worked-up and went to sleep. I woke up around 4pm to prepare dinner and make this yummy banana cake. I had one big over-riped banana that I don't want to give to the birds. What better way to use it than make a cake? I got an approval for the taste. Yay!

Thursday, December 4


Movember was pretty big in our office. An officemate sent out an email to all encouraging to join. It is not limited to men at all. Women can join - maybe, put a fake mo and all. There were 5 enthusiastic men that jumped in the wagon, nonetheless, everyone was as excited as them. Everybody was checking everyone's mo every week.

The big day was last November 27. The blokes organised a sausage sizzle lunch and everybody pitched in at least 10 bucks. Oh there were yummy food and cupcakes. Between the 5 of them, they raised more or less 1500. Not bad, isn't it?

The awarding was fairly fun and exciting. It was capped off with a keg of beer after office.

On the Movember facts:

Australia raised AUD$13,634,849 and 124,523 people joined in - the biggest of all.

The aim of Movember is to change this attitude, make men's health fun by putting the Mo back on the face of fashion and in the process raise some serious funds for key men's health issues.

Prostate Cancer: because every year 2,900 Australian men die of prostate cancer - equivalent to the number of women who die from breast cancer annually.

Depression in Men: because one in six men suffer from depression at any given time but most don't seek help.

I'm sure that sum of money is greatly appreciated by the foundation - me too. Some might have done a little bit of hardwork but I'm sure not as much as using work holding and some heavy metal tools to raise that amount of money. It will be a great help for tackling men's health.

Working From Home

Our company is moving office this weekend but the office furnitures, files, etc will be moved starting today so some of us has to work from home - including me. We have skeleton force to man the fort, though.

It's a nice change even for just three days. No more getting up early and cramming to get ready. It's not like putting my feet up and take the home theater seating but definitely pleasant as there's no boss manning me. Let's face it, it's nice to work on your own. Though my boss is not the like that breath down your neck but working without pressure and on your own time is absolutely lovely.

We took Jens to day care late this morning. We went to the bank to apply for a mastercard supplement card for me. We went to the post office to pick-up some mail. And I'm back working here. I now have some connection problem to the servers in the office. But, I have some stuff to work locally, so no worries.

Now, I have a serious working to do.