Monday, December 29

The Long Weekend That Was

I didn’t ask for an extra day off from the office this season. I reckon, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day are enough days for me to rest and play. We haven’t planned of going away so there’s no need for it anyway. I wanted to go somewhere but by the time we actually decided to book, there were no resorts in the coast that are available in our timeshare club. So I gave up.

I truly appreciate our staying home in the past long weekend. I was able to do some household chores in my own time, relax and unwind with my one-and-a-half-men, and have fun.

Saturday, we went to the park to feed the birds, ducks mostly (after dashing to the shop to buy some munchies – not promotional product). (I will upload photos soon I’ve transferred them from my camera). It was funny as our feed was rice pops so Jens alternately put a handful in his mouth and throwing to the pond. We also tried the playground. He loved the rocking turtle but the slippery slide was better. I was scared for him as it was a bit high and the steps leading the top are made of stainless metal and not really for his age. Despite of me staying at the top and his Daddy at the bottom to catch and guide him, I was still not convinced that he was fine. We tried to distract him with the see-saw, merry go-round and the swing but he always came back to the slide. In the end, we just decided to leave amidst the flailing hands and kicking legs.

We’ve been asking him if he wants to go for a swim the next day, and he would nod his head.

The next day came and it was drizzling in the morning. We wouldn’t have an idea what’s going on in his head, is he disappointed that it is raining and we can’t go to the pool or what? By noon, the weather favoured the little boy so we left for the pool. He used his floaties for the first time and he was thrilled by them. It was helpful in a way but he still swallowed too much water – so much so that he burped when he was out of the pool. What can floaties do when he opens his mouth almost all the time? We taught him to close his mouth and he did momentarily and then opened it again when he’s going underwater.

Though swimming was long been awaited, it wasn’t that that caused the big drama of the day. It was him wanting to drive the car. Before we left for the swim, Mcj put him on the driver’s seat and let him steer the wheel and wouldn’t leave it at all. He was screaming all the way to the pool. Thanks to blueberries, it was sort of manageable. The same drama happened on the way back. He and Daddy even stayed in the car park and in the garage for a couple of minutes to give in to his wishes. But he needs to rinse the chlorine off. He was inconsolable when he got off the car. We’ve agreed in the car with a screaming match in the background that we’re going to buy him a steering wheel to be attached to the back of the seat but now I’m thinking, we might need to buy him a car that he can get on and steer. Daddy has his eyes on the electric car already. I just hope this fancy would soon fade out.