Thursday, December 4

Working From Home

Our company is moving office this weekend but the office furnitures, files, etc will be moved starting today so some of us has to work from home - including me. We have skeleton force to man the fort, though.

It's a nice change even for just three days. No more getting up early and cramming to get ready. It's not like putting my feet up and take the home theater seating but definitely pleasant as there's no boss manning me. Let's face it, it's nice to work on your own. Though my boss is not the like that breath down your neck but working without pressure and on your own time is absolutely lovely.

We took Jens to day care late this morning. We went to the bank to apply for a mastercard supplement card for me. We went to the post office to pick-up some mail. And I'm back working here. I now have some connection problem to the servers in the office. But, I have some stuff to work locally, so no worries.

Now, I have a serious working to do.