Monday, November 24

Early Weekend

The last one was, that is.

Around 10am I heard a fire truck siren. It seems so close yet I am not aware of the fact that it was actually outside our office. Then my co-workers were rushing to the window to have a look and only then I realised what was happening.

The power pole where our power in office is connected was smouldering. There was only a few centimetres left on the top that connects to the bar where the power lines are attached. It looked like termites had been gnawing at it. A few minutes later, we were advised to vacate the building. I only grabbed my personal gears and left my machine on. We waited across the street but eventually were advised to leave for the day.

It’s funny that once loss is our gain. Yeah, our company lost valuable time that we could have been working – alas I left my machine, I could have worked from home. So, it was an early weekend for me.