Saturday, November 22

Just Ranting

Travelling by train everyday gives me so much insight about people. I commute with almost the same person almost everyday. We waited at the station to get onto the same car; the same people get on and off the train in the same station. It’s like knowing their schedule without even talking to them.

There are some people who are courteous and real gentlemen. There are also daft and jerk.

Yesterday, I was so pissed off. There were lots of people standing up while there was a vacant seat next to the wall. I was standing up but I didn’t pushed to seat to the vacant seat because I don’t want to disturb those who are sitting to get up and let me through (and because they look like they need NV diet pills to let somebody like me in). Why can’t they just move to the vacant seat and let somebody sit where they were sitting? Then, someone who was sitting got off, and what did the person sitting next to her did? Move to her sit and vacate the one that’s close to the wall. Didn’t even offer to somebody if they want to take the seat. Grrr...

I told Mcj about it and he said, common decency and courtesy is apparently not common these days. My experiences really prompted me/us to inculcate to Jens good manners and right conduct and start at an early age.


Mum2Two said...

I hear yah sister... well, I suppose thats the trade off sometimes when we live in the city. Though, I must admit - here in Sydney I thought chivalry is dead but when i was pregnant with Zechy, I did a few experiments just to check if anyone would be courteous enough to give a seat to a heavily pregnant lady and 8 out of 10 someone would offer or sometimes would even stand up for you but i suppose its a different story when one is just pushing a pram but just the same, women should be given priority seating dont you think? oh well, all we can do is sigh and give them some looks and maybe it will prod them to move hahaha...

enjoy your weekend mate ... and if by chance you really need to seat, dont be afraid to ask... some people just needs to be asked - no initiave in other words