Wednesday, June 28

I had been....

... partially blind for more than two months. Now, no more!

As mentioned in my previous entry, I lost my glasses when I went to my parents place last Holy Week.

It took me a while to replace them as I was contemplating if I will get transition lenses. Apparently, not!

The new glasses are a whole different type from what I used to wear. Then, I have round shaped frames... now I settled to rectangular.

Did they look good on me? (don't dwell too long on my shiny forehead---- hehehe)

Monday, June 26

Name Changing

Being married has all these hassles (no pun intended). Oppsss, sowee. I can only name one that is, changing name err… rather adding name. =P With it, comes the changing of ID’s, amendment of passport, changing of names for some club membership. What else?

It took eight months after the wedding before I change name in my SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, Tax purposes, employment record, etc. I was not in a hurry so is Hubs. But he said that when I will change my family name, I should surely drop my maiden family name, like E D. P not E D-P. Yet, my work email add is in E D-P format coz, my co-workers might not recognize the new email add.

My membership card in Mabuhay Miles already bears my married name, so minus one hassle for this name changing. I recently joined so I used my married name and just submitted our marriage certificate despite the fact that my passport still bears my maiden name. I reckon, I wont be traveling via PAL internationally. =D

I just renewed as well as amended my passport last month so I am compelled to change the rest of my documents, like my membership with Qantas Frequent Flyer.

I joined QFF the last time I flew over Australia to earn the miles.

The next time that I will do, I will be using my new passport. So I better change my membership name now.

I called their office in Makati today to asked where could I send the documents for the change of name. I was advised that change of name is processed in OZ. Waaaaa!

Thanks to the modern technology. I will just scan our marriage certificate and send it through email.

Bureaucracy is highly observed in OZ but they have efficient system. I am sure, the request that I will make will soon be attended to.

What else do I need to change?

Sunday, June 25

Better Timing

Last Friday, I thought I was in a dire street as I dont know what to do in the coming look week-end. I was really wrong!

I think, God found me things to do.

Before, I left the office last Friday, I was not feeling all too well. I can sense something ill would happen, and I was indeed right!

I have a flu (I still have as of now).

Thanks to my Hubs for being so comforting though over the phone. I was a bit relieved Friday night.

Came Saturday, I had stuffed nose, itchy and achy throat, headache, muscle pain... waaaa!

So, I just stayed in bed the whole day, sleeping, reading and just lying down. I was able to finished two books.

Thanks God for chosing the right timing for me to get ill.

Now, I feel a bit better... and I have to force my butt out of bed. I need to be out and about so I can go to work tomorrow. (me still thinks of work amidst the feeling of nausea)

My co-workers better have a strong immune system. Im going go work with bugs and viruses tomorrow.

Try to stop me.

I have a deadline to beat! Waaaa!

Friday, June 23

Serious Dilemna

Tomorrow is holiday in Manila.

It means more time for “me”.

And I am in dire street. I don’t know what will I do – something worthwhile, something I haven’t done before, go to a place I haven’t been to, what?

Will I go to Lamesa Eco-park? Been planning to do it a week before last and I haven’t been there yet.

Will I just stay at home and read a book? A hobby but of course I will read a new book.

Will I go malling? Not new but I can buy something new. =D

Will I just sleep the whole day? Not really so new but I sure will have dreams… which of course is new.

Waaaaa! Whatever!

What sure is, I am not going to wake-up early. :P

I am milk choc!

Seen this quiz in Leah's blog... and I was lured to do mine.

You are Milk Chocolate

A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.
You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life.
Also nostelgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.

Sounds true to me!

How about yours? Try it.

Thursday, June 22

Healthy Eating

I don’t know how to cook, there’s no denying that.

In my entire life, I was never asked or tasked to prepare a cooked meal for the entire family on my own lest to my relatives on vacation, even when I visited my husband in OZ. We just ate his Mum’s cooking. Shame on me… :P. Oh well, that’s another story.

When I was sharing the place with friends way back four years ago, I had my share of home-cooked meals then. Some of my friends can cook sumptuous meals.

And for these past couple of years or so, I was at the mercy of fast-foods, ready to eat canned goods, instant meals, and what have yous.

Sure thing, I planned on cooking my own meal umpteen times but they were all in vain.

I can’t always reason of not knowing how to, but I want to attribute it to the simple fact that I am lazy. Lol. But of course, I won’t admit it. The denial in me, would say that I don’t have much time, add the fact, that, it’s not worth and practical cooking just for myself. Blah.. blah.. blah.

But, the influx of healthy life advocates, rampant illness caused by abusive diets, and the like, I pondered on my own food-intake.

That’s were I started to add fruit to my diet constantly. Yeah, I eat fruit before but not regularly and religiously.

Lately, I feel bored of eating fruit and bread/rice and fish for dinner. Take note, fish… as in Tuna in can. Lol. The label said, it has omega3 and it doesn’t have MSG, so it’s still a bit healthy. Or so they say. Hehehe. And so, I pitched-in some veggies.

This week, I made a trip to the shop to pick-up some food and included veggies; lettuce, carrots, tomatoes; the usual fresh milk, fresh lemon, salad dressing and other stuff. While on the dressing section, my choice battled on what to get, Italian or French? Cast out the Caesars and Thousand Islands; for me, they’re too creamy; balsamic is too sour and herb-alic. I picked-up Italian, not knowing exactly what it taste like. I have an idea though that it taste like vinaigrette.

An officemate said, I should have picked-up French as it is a bit sweet, but when I checked the home-made recipe on the net, there is no sugar in French Dressing, but rather in the Italian. Oh well, Italian will do for now.

I am planning to make my own salad dressing in the future. I am sure, I will get full support from the net. Lol.

On second thought, maybe not just dressing. I might be able to learn how to cook a meal, just simple ones.

Besides, I am making the first step, that is reading recipes. Hehehe!

Any suggestion on healthy stuff that I can include in my meals?

Monday, June 19


Have you done this in your childhood?

I didn't but if ever one of my kids will do this in the future... I wouldn't mind at all! I would be proud. Hehehe! The mischievous in me is really bouyant.

Saturday, June 17

Increased Pain Tolerance?!

I have a very low pain tolerance if not nil. You can hear me complain even for just slight muscle pain. My CJ can attest to that.

But earlier this week, I mustered all my courage to undergo a facial service in the salon. Vanity aside, I just want to experience it. A friend told me that, it was indeed painful especially if the white heads on your nose were pricked. Well, it was! But I didn’t really cringe, so I think, it is tolerable or just because my pain tolerance had increased since the most memorable day of my being a lady?

I wish it were and pray that it will increasingly build – a preparation for my greatest fear (pain-related that is) --- giving birth normally

Craft... hobby

Because of the diverse interests of people around me (friends, peers, etc), I tend to develop my own.. not really unique. My criteria in developing hobbies or new crafts are simplicity, need less focus, can be done simultaneously with other stuff, less stressful to the eye.. in short.. “can be finished in little time with small effort”.

Have tried lots of stuff… cross-stitching – this is stressful to my already-damaged eyes, tedious and most of all, not advisable for impatient people like me. Hehehe. Another try is, paper curtains – this is a never-ending craft so I just let the material gather dust in the nook of my room for now. Eventually, I will get back to it. There is my favorite hobby, reading – well, it’s always there in my blood, in my mind, in my heart. I am not actually leaving it behind or forgetting it. It actually is my first love for hobbies. I am just hibernating from it. My interest is somewhat like the climates in the sub-tropical region. Winter now, spring next… summer and then autumn.. and winter again. A vast difference though is I always found new craft to fill the gap between one hobby to the other.

Tyaraaaannnn! The new craft is latch hook! Last Monday, friend E and I, pestered SM in Fairview after lunch from my aunt. We hurried from one bookstore to the other. Luckily, I didn’t buy any book. I reckon, I should make a new craft and so off we went to Heavenly Moment (is the name right?).

There I figured what to buy, the puzzle frame? the latch hook? the crochet? Cast the scross-stitch out… tested and proven that I can’t finish any in less than a year if indeed I can finish one.

Finally, I settled to the latch hook… it looks less complicated. And so I bought the kit.. but my! When I am about to begin working on it, a friend said that I should have a hook to use in latching so my fingers won’t hurt. Thankfully, she has a spare one to lend to me.

Silly me!

I didn’t get it from the name: LATCH HOOK! that I should need one.. Oh well, I assumed the kit is complete. =D

I have been working on it for three nights now while watching the television.

I don’t have an impressive accomplishment yet, but the speed will do. Besides, I only do it for an hour with more time for the teevee than with the latching.

The pattern of my masterpiece is Garfield. Inspired of the “Garfield the Movie 2”?

Nah, just the favorite of a friend. (will post photo when its finished)

Tuesday, June 13

Baryo Wedding

I grew up in a Baryo and witnessed the classic weddings of friends and relatives but Kapampangan has their own tradition.

Candid shots in the church were so entertaining and unique. Some were asked to leap, raise their hands or foot, and the like.

Reception was at the residence. (ohh, it was really far from the church and the atmosphere was kinda hot)

There was the marching of the entourage where everybody was being called at the reception ... much like a program.

There were lots more but we left early.

On the side note: We ate halo halo in the original Razon in Pampanga. Now I know where is the origin of the best halo-halo I've ever tasted.

Saturday, June 10

Just excited... blah blah blah

Its a long week-end here in the Philippines, much the same in OZ. It's the Queen's Day there, so Hubs will have a day off work and concentrate on the tax returns which is sooooo long overdue. Hopefully, SIL N will be there to give a hand.


The holiday on Monday is really good timing to the wedding of a classmate cum friend from MBA school. H (boss/friend) and I will be going to Pampanga and meet other classmates to witness our friend tie the knot. We are all excited as L (the bride) is way past the marrying age for a lady and yet has caught the last trip. =D


Went shopping last night with officemates H and E but went home bare handed. Yet! I am happy with the change in me. I am less becoming an impulse buyer. Hubs, you should congratulate me. Hehehe! I told Hubs last night that I'll go shopping again today and asked him what should I buy. He reckon, I should buy the same what I had that night. Quite impressive answer. =D


On the lighter side, it rained in Hubs place yesterday... just a steady slow rain wholeday. Just what we need to keep the business going.

And it rained here this morning also just to abate the stiffling summer heat.

Hope it would still be cool tomorrow until Monday.


Oh, I am out of paperback already. Had read lots of stuff this week. I better frequent Booksale again.

I have a penchant for a good book in the National Bookstore but I dont wanna buy brand new books as the cost would be three second hand books. Waaaaa!

I better weigh my priority. =D