Thursday, June 22

Healthy Eating

I don’t know how to cook, there’s no denying that.

In my entire life, I was never asked or tasked to prepare a cooked meal for the entire family on my own lest to my relatives on vacation, even when I visited my husband in OZ. We just ate his Mum’s cooking. Shame on me… :P. Oh well, that’s another story.

When I was sharing the place with friends way back four years ago, I had my share of home-cooked meals then. Some of my friends can cook sumptuous meals.

And for these past couple of years or so, I was at the mercy of fast-foods, ready to eat canned goods, instant meals, and what have yous.

Sure thing, I planned on cooking my own meal umpteen times but they were all in vain.

I can’t always reason of not knowing how to, but I want to attribute it to the simple fact that I am lazy. Lol. But of course, I won’t admit it. The denial in me, would say that I don’t have much time, add the fact, that, it’s not worth and practical cooking just for myself. Blah.. blah.. blah.

But, the influx of healthy life advocates, rampant illness caused by abusive diets, and the like, I pondered on my own food-intake.

That’s were I started to add fruit to my diet constantly. Yeah, I eat fruit before but not regularly and religiously.

Lately, I feel bored of eating fruit and bread/rice and fish for dinner. Take note, fish… as in Tuna in can. Lol. The label said, it has omega3 and it doesn’t have MSG, so it’s still a bit healthy. Or so they say. Hehehe. And so, I pitched-in some veggies.

This week, I made a trip to the shop to pick-up some food and included veggies; lettuce, carrots, tomatoes; the usual fresh milk, fresh lemon, salad dressing and other stuff. While on the dressing section, my choice battled on what to get, Italian or French? Cast out the Caesars and Thousand Islands; for me, they’re too creamy; balsamic is too sour and herb-alic. I picked-up Italian, not knowing exactly what it taste like. I have an idea though that it taste like vinaigrette.

An officemate said, I should have picked-up French as it is a bit sweet, but when I checked the home-made recipe on the net, there is no sugar in French Dressing, but rather in the Italian. Oh well, Italian will do for now.

I am planning to make my own salad dressing in the future. I am sure, I will get full support from the net. Lol.

On second thought, maybe not just dressing. I might be able to learn how to cook a meal, just simple ones.

Besides, I am making the first step, that is reading recipes. Hehehe!

Any suggestion on healthy stuff that I can include in my meals?


Owen said...

at home, we normally include a shake after the meal (see my last post). possible combinations are apple and carrot, carrot and celery (my fave), watermelon and carrot, grape and watermelon, mango pag may dumating from manila.

there you go, that normally gives you your share of fiber and vitamins for the day.

i do drink campbell's tomato juice on a regular basis too.

Princess of CJ said...

thanks for the inputs, owen.

masubukan nga ang mga shake combi mo. =D