Thursday, August 30

Two and Counting

It was our 2nd wedding anniversary two days ago.

We don't have any planned activities relating to it. MCJ was tied-up on the phone in the morning which the result prompted us to prepare in haste to go to the Immigration Office in town. It was 11:30 and the office will close at 1:30 - which left us two hours to get dressed, drive to the train station, ride a train for 1 hour and walk a couple of blocks to the office. We were lucky! We walked in 5 minutes before the door will be closed. That after going to the wrong office (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) instead of Immi.

We had late lunch. I wanted asian food but he has msg tolerance so we opted for something that we both can have and won't cause some terrible effect on him.

It was almost 3pm. Our train tickets were on daily fare so we make use of it.. and decided to have a stroll in the Southbank Park. We took some photos.

lots of tourists

the footwalk bridge

the pagoda

the pagoda

going out of the park

tired after a big day out

It was a tiring day, especially for Ian but we had fun! And Ian played up on the way home. More fun! lol.

We capped the night with choc mudcake while watching our fave soap.

Poker Face

It was in the tube program recently when an Aussie won 10 Mil in poker in Las Vegas. The bloke went to LV with his mates to play poker which was participated by all of the crowd of the casino. Him being great in poker face bring home the big moolah.

It was a big turn of event for his family, from common Aussies to millionaires.


MCJ has accumulated almost half a million of play money in playing poker and other casino games. If only, they were real money but I wouldn't encourage him to go for real. I'm scared of gambling... even if for a fleeting moment I thought the what ifs..


Even if we've change hard drives, reformat and all, loosing his membership details in this website for online casino, MCJ would go to that same site and register again - it must be the reliability and him being familiar to the site. But of course if you're playing on the field like LV, there are heaps to choose from like the Golden Nugget Las Vegas.


Two days ago, last year was my last day at work of more than seven years. My leaving was not as dramatic as when the others did as almost all of the core members of the group had already left ahead of me - it was the time when personnel turnover in finance was at its peak. But the vacancies we created were easily filled in by internal applicants and so when I left, most that are inplace were new but they are old friends.

the group before I left

I miss working. But not all the time. It's only when I saw people dressed for work. I guess I just miss dressing up. lol.

But I can't play dress up because

-- we don't go out more often.

-- I don't have much time to look at myself in the mirror let alone change clothes several times.

-- there are few choices of clothes that will make breastfeeding easier.

Oh well, I'm doomed.

Sunday, August 26

Nice To Read

I don't have much time to be online. I only do when Ian is asleep or MCJ is playing with him. Just like now, I just put him off to his bed with the tube on so he can hear some sound.

The activities I do when online are pretty obvious (eh) and routine - check my emails, update my blog and of course blog-hopping. I just usually visit blogs in my blog roll but if it doesnt hurt my time, I do check other blogs just like Karl Moore's Blog. It really pays when you read entries that inspire you, make your day or something that you can relate to.

Entries on the log are inspirational and wittily written by Karl Moore.

Discover something new in the Friday Factoids entries. Yes, they were new to me and very interesting. This blog is like some others that are worth your time to read and adding to your bookmark as well.

Got spare time? Visit Karl Moore's Blog. You may also find it interesting.

Saturday, August 25

Multiple Accounts

I maintain two email addresses. I only want one supposedly but because even if I have told my friends of my new email add, most of them still sent emails to the old one. Just as well, I don't have to sweep junk mails everyday. The old add contains personal emails and the new one mostly have junks and it is increasing everyday.

I signed-up to a market research site months ago when I still have more time to go online. The links and websites are branching out that I found myself giving my email add to various sites. Now, I received at least ten promotional emails that I don't read at all. And with the limited time that I have to stay online these days, I don't have the luxury to tidy up my inbox.

I could say thanks to those who kept on sending emails to my old add.. I didn't delete it.

Options and Decisions

Funny how we decisive we are of the future event sometimes but when it has come, we forgot our idealism and reasons and go for comfort.

When we were shopping for Ian's arrival, we bought heaps of cloth nappies because MCJ is really a big pro of them for the reason that they're environment-friendly and I also concede. We would be using nappy liner so changing won't be that messy if our little bub has a big surprise for us. MCJ agreed to wash the nappies everyday, so it was fine by me.

But we also bought disposable nappies for hospital use but they last until more than a week that we went out of the hospital. By then, we found out how comfortable and easy it was to change dispoable nappies but we also realize that sometimes it gets quite messy not to mention yucky, so how much more it would be if we're using cloth nappies?

So before the first pack of the nappies ran out, we bought another one and the cycle continues. Yet, before buying another pack (every time), we were still mulling if it's time to use the cloth nappy and ditch the disposable. It sometimes seems we're guilty because we're giving reasons to ourselves why we're buying another pack. lol... Oh yeah, we're still going to use them when we go out anyway, it's a blessing that we have the disposable nappies as if we're on cloth we might have ran out of them because it's raining, blah blah blah. But I have to admit, it makes life easy for a first time mum and for MCJ as well especially if he has to change Ian in the unholy hour of the morning.

The disposable nappies aren't useless after all. They're handy as the regurgitating cloth.


How to feed our little bub was also a big decision to make but this time it was real easy for us to choose as we both want Ian to be breastfed. No question and argument about that.

Yet, I realize that breastfeeding is not as easy as it seems. I've been through those common mishaps of first time mums such as sore nipples and breast. Shopping is a must for the new wardrobe that would make breast feeding easier - from zip or button front blouses to maternity bras and to nursing pads. I wonder if the open tip bras would be handy when staying at home.

Developing routine is another story especially in the first three months. Ian could go eating for an hour or two... and that is every two to three hours. Is there a time left for me to do household chores or me time? Rarely. But I am enjoying it and now that he can see well, it's quite rewarding to see him smile or pull faces when you talk to him. Motherhood is not easy but I'm getting there.

Friday, August 24

Get Organized

In the ideal world, I don't like chaos. Everything should have it's own space and place and for stuff that were not needed, they should not be in sight rather be kept in a storage bins so they can easily be retrieved when needed. And for those that I deem not to be used in the next year should be disposed.

But I don't live in the ideal world so don't expect to see the picture of what I described above in our abode. Yeah, there are no litters but everything is not organized the way I want them because I have a husband who thinks of comfort and accessibility before organization.

But tell you, MCJ is a consumate professional. Well, for stuff that he has control, yes.

There is a workshop here where they can store toys for the big boys but not all toys are in it. You will find them littering around here. You know there are users who have a habit of leaving things where they had used them? I reckon metal garage cabinets and a sign made of neon color paper saying "please return me here" would be handy.

I miss...

... our morning and afternoon walks.

... Ian's sunbathing (with umbrella.. lol) while I'm having my breakfast.

... crisp dried clothes.

... the sun!

It's been raining (with gusty wind) for almost three days.

Yet I am thankful.

... green lawn after a few days.

... the soon-to-be-dried dam had caught some of the fall.

Big Bucks to Own a House

There was another interest rate increase this month here and real estate business is the most affected. This economic change worsen the scenario of those who are paying mortgage. Real estate prices are surging up whether you are buying or renting especially in suburbs close to the city.

There are real estate agents that made scheme favorable to buyers like refunding the buyer the commisions they earn. It's not heaps but it certainly helps. I wonder how real estate in other side of the world is doing like the Miami real estate.

save our homes

Thursday, August 23

Me.. me.. me

Tagged by Mich.

My name: Era
childhood ambition: to be a journalist
fondest memory: when MCJ proposed, first smile from Master Ian
soundtrack: none
retreat: a walk with my family
wildest dream: to do bungee jumping
proudest moment: giving birth to little Ian normally
biggest challenge: crossing the ocean, the culture, etc. to be with MCJ
alarm clock: i use my cellphone also
perfect day: bonding with MCJ and little Ian
first job: accounting assistant
indulgence: shoes and food
last purchase: dvd - the ten commandments (yesterday)
favorite movie: lots, lots, lots
inspiration: my small family
My life is: full of challenges
My card is: american express

I am tagging anyone. :)

Blame it to...

What's with our society today that drug rehab centers are sprouting everywhere more than ever? When you think about it, increasing number of these institutions is equivalent to escalation of the number of addicts. Addiction of harmful substances is a growing trend. Almost everyday, you can hear disturbing and horrible news caused by people who took destructive drugs.

In a situation like this, we always look for reason or we point fingers to something or somebody. And really, who can we blame for this?

Wednesday, August 22

Scared but Numb

It was more scary when I was prepared for the theater to have my tears stitched up to the end of the process than when I was giving birth. The anaesthesiologist gave me options on type of anesthetics that I want - I was familiar to them but he made it sound complicated and risky that I was in doubt after chosing an option if it was less risky than the other. Apart from that, lots of medical apparatus were attached to my body - pulse oximeter to my finger, blood pressure machine to my arm, patches to monitor my heart beat to my chest. Just as well I felt numb from waist down, I didn't feel the pain of the procedure.

Saturday, August 18

Musings of a Proud Mum

I carried him in my belly for 9 months, suffered pregnancy sickness, went into excruciating pain and had 4th level tears to deliver him in this world, had sore nipples for feeding him, woke up several times at night or worse even stay awake all night and be tied-up for more than an hour feeding at times. Despite all these that I've been through and how dependent he is to me, I know that whatever my little one is capable of doing isn't entirely because of me. For some extent, I may have contributed to his good health and his looks but most of what he is now and what he can do are from HIM and the course of nature.

But being the medium to bring him in this world and just being a "cow" for him (in the meantime), you can't take it from me to be proud and take credits for his achievements (as if he won an award.. lol).

Our Big Guy constantly gets attention from women where ever we go.. one lady had even asked if he can give him cuddles. Maybe because he's sooo tiny? Or because he has beautiful bright eyes? Or he's soo alert? One way or another.... it just warms my heart everytime people notice him. It's only been over a month and I'm already a stage mum. Shame on me. lol.

These days, I want him to be awake most of the time except late at night. He can now perfectly see things and people and he can recognize us especially me. My heart leaped when he gave us his first real smile three nights back (not the wind smile). He seem to be talking back to you when you talk to him and well, never miss to give you his soundless laugh.

For all the "firsts" that he had and will have.. I will always be the proud mum who will remember them in my heart. I may not be able to catch them in snap or record them in my diary but they will forever be stored in my heart and mind for me to dig and reminisce in the future.. or even tell him how great he was as a baby.

Friday, August 17

Handy Tool

The moment you're seated on the van, you can instantly smell petrol. When I was pregger, I detested it but I feel comfy on it as the height of the seat is perfect for me not to cramp my belly. The smell just doesnt go away because there is a container of petrol inside. It is not leaking but the smell lingers because of the spilt traces. It would be handy if we have a transfer tank to avoid spilling some petrol when we fill the van and eventually the smell.


My sister-in-law, N, is big on craft. The first time she took me to their house, she showed me her knickknacks and there were just lots of them. She was generous to teach me how to make some creative and personally designed hair accessories and fashion jewelry. And when they had their renewal of marriage vows, the invitations were personally made. They were lovely. My mother-in-law who usually throws cards had even kept it and so am I.

Getting Back In Shape

Before, I left the hospital the physiotherapist see me. She gave handouts for the basic exercises that I need to do to strengthen my pelvic floor, get my uterus back to normal and strengthen my tummy muscles as well as advise me to attend a physio-postnatal class where I didn't show up because things caught up.

The exercises were pretty simple and you can do them while lying down but with the new routine and daily challenges of having a baby, I was not able to do them religiously. Sometimes I just forgot to do them, and at times that I remember doing them, I was already tired that all I wanted to do was doze off rather than crunch my muscles. MCJ said that if I had attended the physio class, it would be useless as I wont do the exercises anyway. lol.

But with how things running now, I am constantly beset by back pains. I've read that most mothers with new baby will really have it and will last for years. And I am scared (or a little paranoid) now that what I am feeling could be something serious. Makes me wish I went to the physio class. Maybe, I could find some help from the internet.

I am not so worried with my abs and belly as I am breastfeeding. I know it helps because as of now (for just over a month), I can well fit to my pre-pregger clothes despite the fact that my appetite has really surged up especially with sweets (chocolates - yum).

What I am most concerned of is my pelvic floor muscles considering the 4th level tears that I had. I'm scared to have incontinence in my later years. But the slack in me is still not doing much about it however big my apprehension is. The book says that you should aim for a goal of 100 kegel exercise a day. And there's not enough time in a day to do them.

Maybe when things start to get back to normal.. maybe.

Wednesday, August 15

Joke Time

Ok, so I know that you're probably already familiar with Wilmer Valderrama's show on MTV, "Yo Momma," but what you might not know is that MTV just recently started an online part to the show - it's basically an enormous online bank of yo momma jokes and slams. Check it out at and you can start battling other users around the world, or come check out their yomomma myspace page to meet other people that are just as interested in Yo Momma as you are.

Quiet Time

Bubba is asleep now and MCJ is with him but is sleeping his toothache while I am blogging away here. I am wearing earphones attached to the phone now, why? Because I put the intercom on in the room so I can hear it when Bubba squeals. MCJ could be in deep sleep as he had no sleep last night that he might not be able to hear our Big Guy's wail.

Getting Philosophical

I am a mediocre person for some things yet I want to be, give or do my best as much as I can. In my heart and mind, I seem to know the reason why but I don't have the right words to call or name it. It's very lame to say that I am just plain lazy because at times I can be very OC on things that I am doing.

I am also the kind who goes to battle half prepared or half handed yet I want to be prepared and win it. I seem to take upcoming serious responsibilities half-heartedly and I don't exactly know the reason why. Maybe, it's just the way I am.

But I want to get philosophical and internalize why am I this.

Maybe because I am in some ways inflexible and harsh on myself that drawing out plans and when things don't go exactly as what I was planning and expecting them to be upset me and will just snatch my concentration away?

Maybe because I know that some things dont precisely go as I want it to be however I may have choreographed it.. because they are not just meant to. And I don't want to feel sorry for the effort that I've put into it?

And maybe, maybe.. I faithfully know that however I may have given my best shot, however I may have designed my plan, He will still interfere and do/give what I deserve or what's best for me? And I can't beat Him at that.. so why labor on it?

But, didn't this old adage works, "Give your best and God will do the rest"?

Maybe I'm just being harsh and critical with myself now thinking that I don't give my best shot always because so far, I get what I deserve and I know that they're all from Him?

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Being Prepared

MCJ's last trip to the RP was planned in haste. He was not able to get shots and during that time, there was an outbreak of malaria somewhere in Palawan. That made him cautious so much so that he had to prepare a will for his term insurance. I reckon though, he was being paranoid. And tell you why he did it? Because we were not married yet and I can't be the instant beneficiary of his term insurance so it was necessary to make out a will to include me as one of the recipient. Hummmm.. so thoughtful of him!

Press and See

Digital cameras brought great and remarkable break throughs to photography and photo printing/developing. It inspires the most of us who loves taking photos... and well, us bloggers - tell our stories in a more detailed and interesting way.

With the invention of digital camera, came the development of digital picture frame. These state of the art inventions perfectly complement each other.

It is really amazing how technology evolves from an analogue camera where you have to wait til the roll of film was finally used-up, take a trip to the developing center, wait for an hour or two to see your photos and displayed on your favorite bench to something high tech where you see your photos after pressing the shutter button and upload it to the digital frames for others to see. What a clever invention.

Like digital cameras with so many styles, digital photo frame has many styles available in the market.

Sunday, August 12

7 + 1 Facts About Me

Tagged by Fionixe about the increasing number of facts about myself. :)

  1. I am really petite and the tiniest in the four of us sibs. But I got long fingers and toes for my size.
  2. I love making baby cry (not for a long time) when I havent got one and do the same to my own now. I dont have a saddistic nature.. I just love seeing them pulling faces when they cry. I think they're cute. :)
  3. I eat eggplant in torta but not in pakbet.
  4. I never went to kindergarten or prep.
  5. I love sweets now after the bun in the oven was cooked and I am not as fussy with food as I was before falling pregger.
  6. I wished to have a child before turning 30 and was blessedly granted.
  7. My two younger sibs don't call me Ate or the equivalent in Ilonggo but we all call my elder sis "Manay" (equivalent of Ate in Ilonggo).
  8. I am a certified bitch when I want to sometimes. :)
Now, I am tagging anyone.

The Gift

I wanted to give something exotic and Philippine made to my mother-in-law when I first came here in OZ. It's not that I want to impress her but that was the first meeting and it was Christmas time, so I deemed it was appropriate to bring something though she's not really keen on gift giving during the Yuletide season.

I searched the malls in Manila for that "something" but nothing caught my fancy. There were nice items but were of wood and MCJ told me not to bring wooden products as they might need to be quarantined.

Guess where I found a gift that will suit her hobby? In the popular Quiapo under the bridge where you get to see variety of native products. I found her an embroidered tablecloth, which she really like. She said then that it was too beautiful to be used in the dining area and will just get stained. True enough, I haven't seen it used yet. :)


"Give Mummy big burpies". That's what you can often hear from me while our Big Guy is on my shoulder.

He must really burp in between feeds and after, though it would mean waking him up or disrupting his feeds. Often times, he burp right away or burp while still feeding but if not after a couple of minutes he'll get hiccups. If I put him to his bed without burping him, those nasty hickin'-ups would wake him up. I can't win.

Our little one has really a big appetite and I would say a glutton. He swallow his milk too fast and gulp some wind.

One thing I learned though that if he's thumb is inside when he's making fists, he's in pain. And a burp is a must.

Saturday, August 11


We're not big on blinds for the window and any glass panelled outer walls in the house (and I dont know much about blinds either). We use a combination of curtains and blinds to cover those areas. The kind of blinds that we have are fabric vertical blinds and that gave me a bit of an idea. I am sort of familiar with roller shades as well but wonder what a faux wood blinds look. Well, as the name suggests... they look like wood. I might have seen it and just didnt recognize it.

100gms a week

Bubba had flying records in all his weigh-in (midwife visits and GP) except at the pediatrician in the hospital. A week prior to the pedia's appointment he weighed 2.95kg and only weighed 2.96kg then. That made me worried that he's not gaining enough weight and question if I am a reliable "cow". The GP used the manual and conventional scale while the pedia had the electronic. According to the pedia, the manual is more reliable and fool-proof but that fact didnt relieved me. The pedia suggested that I express milk in between feeds so I would produce more which we consider doing but didnt actually did.

For a week I was anxiously waiting for the next weigh-in at the GP to know how much weight did he put on for two weeks.

And so we had yesterday. Everyone was happy with the result as Bubba gained 200gms in two weeks.

Now the "cow" is not doubting her capacity.

What do you own and where?

I love my last job (as if I had other jobs before that, not). Though it wasnt good for the eyes, hands and back as I was infront of the computer from the time I stepped into the office until the time I left (which was until whenever). What makes it more enjoyable, aside from the lax management and good workmates was the job posed challenges. One reason is the management setup. The company that I worked for had a mother company (we're a subsidiary) but as a subsidiary it also has subsidiaries. Reporting was a bit complicated especially with the financials. One of the aims of the Enterprise Resource Planning before was to do consolidated financial reports. Problem was, each company has their own and unique financial systems software so consolidated financial reporting wasn't materialized. Looking back, I reckon what the company should have is financial consolidation software.

Friday, August 10

Sharing the Passion

Whenever I have more time in my hand to play while online, I often check what's new in fashion especially shows and jewelry. If there's something that caught my fancy, I then update my show blog which for certain reasons have been neglected for quite a long time. But my passion for shoes, bags, jewelry, etc didn't cease. It's just lurking now that I am face with more pressing matters.

I usually check the same website over and over again but then those sites are updated daily so I get to know the latest. But learning the Belisi Fashions Blog on Shoes, Jewelry, Handbags & Fashion is quite handy for my passion. The posts are interesting and a good source for me who's still a novice in the fashion world. It features what's new and what's hot, what's in and apt for the season. For a reasonably fashionable person, this site can be your guide. This is worth adding to the bookmark.

Manic Friday

Woke up early today to get myself ready for Bubba's GP appointment at 10am. I've worked it out that inorder to avoid cramming when we are going out, I should be ready first before tending to him. That way, he doesn't have to wait and get impatient and cry. I realize how important it is to be organized when you have a baby. Now I know why mothers are so organized and seem not to be forgetful. They've been trained and get used to it when they have their youngsters.

Anyway, Bubba and I were all set and ready by 9:30 and just waiting for MCJ. We went out to check on him and found out that the van (used for the business) was playing up. The battery had been playing up for sometime and just this morning his brother, G, picked up a new one. It was expected to start-up and he can commence his day. But, the van is sort of like auto shift manual type and computer operated. The old battery was pulled-out without plugging the vehicle to another temporary one to keep the configuration.. so when the battery was replaced, the old config was gone and the truck wont start. :( It was a good thing that MCJ found the security codes and revert the config to the original.

And we were running late for the appointment.

A call was made to the GP's clinic to inform them that we will be late and was told that we were not booked in for today. Waaaa! I have the clinic's calling card where the receptionist wrote down our appointment time. We were advised to come down anyway but after a couple of minutes they rang back to tell us that we are rather booked for 215pm. Talking of being effecient.

You know the feeling when you're set to go and then all of a sudden have to be postponed?

So much for being organize when others aren't.

Monday, August 6

Developing Routine

When we were at the hospital our little bub had been happy for a three-hourly feed of top-up formula (my colostrum had not build-up yet) of 10ml. After feeds he can put himself to sleep.

We went home and for a couple of days, he only required short feeding and will doze off.

Now, we're still in a three-hourly routine but the feeding time takes longer than an hour and more often than not, he should be latched-on to me before he can go to sleep. Though I gave him credit for lulling himself to sleep when he's full, snuggly and comfy in his cradle and for some instances when he's really uber tired that he'll just pass out while playing with me or screaming. This is the routine at daytime.

He goes for more than five hours the most at night. Thank heavens.

The routine that we have just started may have been disrupted by our running around for these past few days. We've already been out in the shop when he was just 6days old. We've have 2 appointments at the hospital (another one coming), one at the GP (and another one coming), been shopping last week and the big day out at the big city when he had his first train ride.

I never knew any routine when I was just an on-looker to my elder sister bringing up her kids. Maybe because back home, helps come in handy from relatives especially from my mother. But here, we're on our own. My MIL is already old enough to enlist her help.. but hse gave advice which were quite handy as well. Sometimes, I wish I gave birth in RP.... but I wouldn't change a thing with the history. MCJ have been very supportive and a spoiling father. :)

They said, babies and strict routine dont always go together but it is possible to develop one as long as you're flexible. I just need to bend slightly. :) Besides, our Big Guy is just more than 3 weeks old.

I know after a couple of weeks more his feeding, sleepind and waking patterns will change and I'll adapt my day to it.