Thursday, August 30

Two and Counting

It was our 2nd wedding anniversary two days ago.

We don't have any planned activities relating to it. MCJ was tied-up on the phone in the morning which the result prompted us to prepare in haste to go to the Immigration Office in town. It was 11:30 and the office will close at 1:30 - which left us two hours to get dressed, drive to the train station, ride a train for 1 hour and walk a couple of blocks to the office. We were lucky! We walked in 5 minutes before the door will be closed. That after going to the wrong office (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) instead of Immi.

We had late lunch. I wanted asian food but he has msg tolerance so we opted for something that we both can have and won't cause some terrible effect on him.

It was almost 3pm. Our train tickets were on daily fare so we make use of it.. and decided to have a stroll in the Southbank Park. We took some photos.

lots of tourists

the footwalk bridge

the pagoda

the pagoda

going out of the park

tired after a big day out

It was a tiring day, especially for Ian but we had fun! And Ian played up on the way home. More fun! lol.

We capped the night with choc mudcake while watching our fave soap.


Anonymous said...

Happy2nd Wedding Anniversary!