Thursday, August 30

Poker Face

It was in the tube program recently when an Aussie won 10 Mil in poker in Las Vegas. The bloke went to LV with his mates to play poker which was participated by all of the crowd of the casino. Him being great in poker face bring home the big moolah.

It was a big turn of event for his family, from common Aussies to millionaires.


MCJ has accumulated almost half a million of play money in playing poker and other casino games. If only, they were real money but I wouldn't encourage him to go for real. I'm scared of gambling... even if for a fleeting moment I thought the what ifs..


Even if we've change hard drives, reformat and all, loosing his membership details in this website for online casino, MCJ would go to that same site and register again - it must be the reliability and him being familiar to the site. But of course if you're playing on the field like LV, there are heaps to choose from like the Golden Nugget Las Vegas.