Sunday, August 12

The Gift

I wanted to give something exotic and Philippine made to my mother-in-law when I first came here in OZ. It's not that I want to impress her but that was the first meeting and it was Christmas time, so I deemed it was appropriate to bring something though she's not really keen on gift giving during the Yuletide season.

I searched the malls in Manila for that "something" but nothing caught my fancy. There were nice items but were of wood and MCJ told me not to bring wooden products as they might need to be quarantined.

Guess where I found a gift that will suit her hobby? In the popular Quiapo under the bridge where you get to see variety of native products. I found her an embroidered tablecloth, which she really like. She said then that it was too beautiful to be used in the dining area and will just get stained. True enough, I haven't seen it used yet. :)