Saturday, August 11

100gms a week

Bubba had flying records in all his weigh-in (midwife visits and GP) except at the pediatrician in the hospital. A week prior to the pedia's appointment he weighed 2.95kg and only weighed 2.96kg then. That made me worried that he's not gaining enough weight and question if I am a reliable "cow". The GP used the manual and conventional scale while the pedia had the electronic. According to the pedia, the manual is more reliable and fool-proof but that fact didnt relieved me. The pedia suggested that I express milk in between feeds so I would produce more which we consider doing but didnt actually did.

For a week I was anxiously waiting for the next weigh-in at the GP to know how much weight did he put on for two weeks.

And so we had yesterday. Everyone was happy with the result as Bubba gained 200gms in two weeks.

Now the "cow" is not doubting her capacity.