Friday, August 10

Manic Friday

Woke up early today to get myself ready for Bubba's GP appointment at 10am. I've worked it out that inorder to avoid cramming when we are going out, I should be ready first before tending to him. That way, he doesn't have to wait and get impatient and cry. I realize how important it is to be organized when you have a baby. Now I know why mothers are so organized and seem not to be forgetful. They've been trained and get used to it when they have their youngsters.

Anyway, Bubba and I were all set and ready by 9:30 and just waiting for MCJ. We went out to check on him and found out that the van (used for the business) was playing up. The battery had been playing up for sometime and just this morning his brother, G, picked up a new one. It was expected to start-up and he can commence his day. But, the van is sort of like auto shift manual type and computer operated. The old battery was pulled-out without plugging the vehicle to another temporary one to keep the configuration.. so when the battery was replaced, the old config was gone and the truck wont start. :( It was a good thing that MCJ found the security codes and revert the config to the original.

And we were running late for the appointment.

A call was made to the GP's clinic to inform them that we will be late and was told that we were not booked in for today. Waaaa! I have the clinic's calling card where the receptionist wrote down our appointment time. We were advised to come down anyway but after a couple of minutes they rang back to tell us that we are rather booked for 215pm. Talking of being effecient.

You know the feeling when you're set to go and then all of a sudden have to be postponed?

So much for being organize when others aren't.