Sunday, February 26

Movie Marathon

Without planning it, today we did a movie marathon.

Last weekend, Mcj recorded the Iron Man 1 and missed the ending. So I rented the DVD's for both 1 and 2 because then I didn't know which one were we watching. So yes, today we watched both DVD's. The Tatapilla is into movies like this but I am not. Actually, I am more curious if Tony and Pepper will end up together, which they did. A happy ending for me however sparse.

Then, while ironing some clothes I finished the last disc in the 2-disc movies of Sandra Bullock that I bought last week. Premonition. I also hoped for a happy ending, which it was except that her husband died. But as the priest said in the movie, everyday is a miracle - she's pregnant (and maybe will earch some gold bullion in the sale of their house).

Sunday, February 12

Pesky things

Living in this precarious world, there are so many things that we have to put up with. Not by choice but by circumstances. And boy, aren't they all testing your patience.

Yesterday, started as ordinary but with so frustrating middle. I mean, what's the odds of my car being damaged in a crowded car park. And without a note left (from the driver of the other card, that is) to boot. If it is any consolation, there was an anonymous witness who left the plate number of that pesky car. At this point, there's no positive indication that the irresponsible person will be held into account - unless they put a lawn sign saying they did it. In the first place, if that person is a responsible person at all a note should have been left.

Oh well, another expenses for the excess if ever.