Sunday, July 17

The Gladiator

I know, this is an old movie but I just saw it last night. Boy, aren't I glad. And why did I wait this long to watch the whole story. No wonder it had 5 academy awards. Stellar performance by Russel Crowe there.

Russell Crowe is not that buff in the movie compared to other buff, of course (maybe zumba workouts wasn't heard then?). The jewellery of the lady didn't escape me though. I always love old pieces.


We were supposed to go to a wedding this afternoon in Mt Mapelton. I was excited to as I haven't been to that place yet with the weather I had my hesitations as it was outdoor. Now, the Tatapilla has code and been coughing really bad, so we decided not to go at all.

I had to bargain though, as he was excited himself to go there. I have to persuade that we can just play at home and watch videos that he likes.

As to wedding present (it is not as elaborate as that of a 40th birthday gift ideas), cash will do these days and that's what exactly we did.

Saturday, July 2

A Little Late

to watch the sex and the city 2 movie, that is. But what can I say, I like them later. Maybe, I was just not as thrilled as anybody about this movie and the series then. Well, I definitely love the shoes. I am not a big fan of long flowing dresses though I like Carrie's night dresses.

I love the jewellery through - those bangles and bib necklaces. And so the rings. Well, htc desire 2.2 wasn't there yet as most of them are using blackberry. Oh, I forgot.. I like the bags and luggages as well. What's there not to love anyway?