Tuesday, April 29

Early Pressie

I received a very early Mother's Day present in the mail today. :) A very unexpected one.

Maybelline sent me gifts again, packed in a pretty box. I really wonder, what are these for. Did I won the competition? I checked the competition in its website and the one for April is still going. Did all members received the same gifts? If you did, please let me know. :)

Anyway, the box contains 14 shades of Superstay Gloss. Cool! I tried one and it is indeed superstay and superglossy. :)

I wonder what will I receive next month. I'm getting used to receiving freebies already. :)

Monday, April 28

Winter Is Here!

Winter is two days away. But it has been cold for almost a month now.

As much as I don't like hot season, it doesn't mean that I love the cold. As a matter of fact, I can't stand it. I guess, I am so used with the tropical weather in the Philippines, though we are living in a tropical state of Australia it still gets below 20 degrees at times.

It's not just the flu and cold that the winter brings that I don't like but also the winter eating habit. I bet all of you would agree that we tend to pig out when it's cold. And because most of us prefer the warmth of our homes, we got nothing to do but think what can we put in our mouth, sleep or be a couch potato and watch the tube. I'm thankful of Jens though as he gets me active and eventually not putting on weight (lest I would be inclined to try losing weight with Anoretix, NOT).

Saturday, April 26

Onsite or Pickup?

Just recently, the Transit van used for the business needs servicing because it would not start. Mcj's brother G, was fixing the tail light then when it was fixed, the van wouldn't start. He contacted the repair company that conducts business on-site. Thank goodness for companies such as this - you don't need extra expenses for towing of vehicles that has defects like dead engine or battery.

The van had not be serviced for almost two years or more so we did not mind that the quote for the repair was wee bit hefty. Anyway, all mechanical jobs here cost heaps. But something came up along the way that cost more than was quoted. The technician isn't familiar with the model of the van. The van is computer operated when you run it on auto so you also need computer to fix it. And this trusted (supposedly) techie, didn't knew that. He had been fixing it fore more than five hours until he realized about the computer thing. And when all was fixed, he said that his boss would charge more than 150% of what was initially quoted. Grrrrr. But we don't have a choice. Just be thankful that the van was fixed.

This auto repair company had made another business with us when my FIL had their car services. So he doubled his income.

Anyway, there are still other works to be done on the van. We need to contact a auto glass repair shop to fix the side window that was broken. I am not aware if there is this kind of repair shop that do onsite like Collisionwheels.com. It would be nice if there is as the van doesn't need to leave the premise and no need for the hassle of organizing transportation of who will pick up the vehicle from the repair shop.


Feels like I'm floating with the clouds. Nah! Just a quick shot when we got stuck at the intersection on a red light. :)

Want to see more skies? Check out here.

Friday, April 25

A Picnic or Otherwise?

Looking back when I was still working in Manila, credit card is easy to come by. Even if you don't apply for it, some companies and banks, would send out cards ready for activation to employees of well-reputed companies. It was sort of like they have the employees master list and these companies knew who earn enough to pay debts.

This system is nice if you're the one who wants to have a credit card but if you're not, problem is you need to safe keep the card even if you don't want it lest somebody who might have bad intentions might activate it on your behalf, sign his/her name and viola! You have debts that you didn't incur yourself. Better, tear the card when you receive it.

I wonder, if it is also this easy to get a credit card in many parts of the world (particularly US)? I don't really know. But what I know is, bad credit is a reality to some consumers and with this dilemna, getting a credit card or applying for home loans, personal loans, etc. is not a picnic. But there are companies who are willing to help consumers solve this problem and give them a chance to start anew by offering them credit line and encourage them to pay ontime so they can build their credibility and eventually their financial future. I guess, if you're in this shoe, you need to have a better judgement to choose which one really fits your need so won't get stuck in the mud again.


I've just finished watching the movie Elizabethtown.

It was my first time to heard about the movie in the tv trailer two days ago. I told myself, if there's anything more interesting I will watch it. Then, yesterday I decided to watch it because the movie shown on the other channel is not to my liking. Today, I decided to record it though I don't have a blank VCR tape available. I had one with two recorded movies and we watched one this afternoon.

Now, I have a copy of the movie. I might watch it again. The story for me was very simple but then full of positive energy and insights. I don't particularly like Orlando Bloom, but in this movie I love his role and his face. Lol. He didn't look childish. He was well suited to the character. I feel "bitin" with the movie though. I want more scenes for him and Kirsten. :)

I bet, I would be thinking about it til I go to sleep. Lots of "could have been's" would be running wild in my mind. :)

Btw, it gives me the idea to make a scrapbook for a roadtrip. :)

On Business

For days now, Mcj has been very busy and in frenzy for a new business venture. He'd been making spreadsheet marketing plans - a helpful tool to explain to future customers and to me. Why to me as well? Because for once, I don't like going into business myself. I need a thorough sales training and study to learn the products that I'm going to sell before you can see me going out there actually facing the customers. I don't have any business inclination of any sort at all. While Mcj has been on business for a long time and recently, managing more than one. As for me, I would just be good in making bookwork and research or answering the phone.

To each his own, I reckon. My attitude towards business I guess is influenced by my family background. None in my family is really into big business. My parents had been in business when I was in highschool but that didn't last long as my father looked for work after a couple of years. Business mindedness just doesn't run in our blood.

While I admire those who risk a lot or everything to venture into something. Business venture is a risk just like life is full of them. But I guess, armed with substantial capital, right attitude, excellent sales training and well informed judgement plus the idea of marketing, everything is worth a try.

I remember, the most of the business that I've been into was selling Avon products when I was in college. I didn't have any sales training but I fared well because my mother was helping me.

Thursday, April 24

Worldwide Link Love

This is a long overdue tag from Leah and Idealpinkrose.

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I'm tagging cheerleader and Marie.

Trend in Conducting Business Tranx

I worked in the Treasury Department of a domestic shipping in RP then. It was one of the best work that I ever had and very critical and risky too. I think, anything that involves money is very risky especially if it concerns large sum. Timing is everything. I remember eating lunch late most of the time because more often the financial market gets better and competitive in the middle of the day. I am talking of foreign exchange and interest (on loans and investments) rates.

Back then, we have to ring the banks that we do business to get the rates, then compare them and decide who got the better one. When the banks open (at 9AM) our telephone would then be tied up to monitor the market trend. It was tedious at the same time fun. The part that I don't really like was huggling for a higher CD rates or lower interest rate on loan. Our boss would set a margin and it was up to us to negotiate with the banker to get the desired rate. I learned how to bluff eventually. :)

Now adays, rates for these financial transactions are available on the internet. Emoneycentral.com has lists of banks that offers savings account, checking account andCD rates. You can view the rates up front per bank. No huggling needed, just your high financial acumen and guts.

Monday, April 21

Hottie They Are, Tag!

I love this tag from Mich. I remember that I did this tag before but I don't mind doing it (actually I love doing it again) as I can't remember my old post. :)

These are the men that I like (not necessarily hot) apart from Mcj:

1. Nicolas Cage
I like the way he talks on his movies. I first saw him in Face Off, though he was the bad guy there, for me he was the good guy because of the swapping of the face. :)

2. Luke Wilson
I can't even remember the movie that I first saw him but I remember that I used to have his photo framed in the office when I was working. :)

3. Eric Bana
I like Troy because of him and Peter O. He's a good family man in real life and very down to earth - all the more reason that I like him.

I could say more - George Clooney, Wentworth Miller, Sean Connery (when he was young), Victor Neri, etc. But I am not sure if it's just limited to three, so I just followed suit to Mich. :)

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It’s up to you how narrate your stories but there are two rules:

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List:1. Aggie 2. Thea 3. Litzie 4. Joy 4. Mich 5. Happymum

Tag all the people you want!
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Now, ladies (Arlene, Idealpinkrose, Eds and Tracy) it's your turn!

Working On The Business Website

Finally, after too much effort of Mcj for the past couple of weeks or more, he was able to transfer the hosting service of the business website to a cheaper one that gives more storage space. Changing host saves us heaps of money. We were paying four times of the new host fee to the old provider even with a smaller storage space. A classic example of daylight robbery. The hours spent on the phones explaining the circumstances (because Mcj forgot the original password) plus faxing several letters to the head office of the company which is in the US were really worthwhile.

Now, Mcj and I (on my free time from being a Mum and blogger) are looking on changing the Website Design. The reseller of the new host actually made a new layout but we are also looking at free designs that suit the business or perhaps buy a custom one. And I found out that hosterio offers exactly this type of service and even more than that. I was surprised of the special web hosting plan which is way cheaper that what we currently have. And I thought, what we have is already cheap. And it has free shopping cart, which I am not aware that is available in our provider.

Building a House?

Most people complain of termites in their homes. It is a common problem to houses built in timber with accessories made of woods or of the same materials. I even complain about it when the car port was infested by nasty little thing.

Anyway, what's the best solution to avoid this infestation? Build the house using steel, bricks and use plastic mouldings and accessories all over the house like UPVC fascias, gutters, etc.

Propertyplastics.com offers hundreds of building plastics available to order online with nationwide delivery in the UK - from doors, trims, gutters, fascia, window sills, aircon and heating, etc! Plus, the provide detials of installation guide when you purchase any plastic products in constructing of building your home. The website is user friendly plus it gives you the approximate delivery time of each type of product that you want to order. This is the most important factor for online buyer - knowing when are they going to receive their product.

Saturday, April 19

Ready For Swimming Lesson

Jens loves water. A running water from the tap will quite him when he is whiny. Bath time can take the sleepiness away or even hunger.

Lately, he's able to understand the word "kick". When you hold him up in the air and say, kick kick kick, he would do the same - sort of like the leg movements of a breast stroke with smiles etched on his face.

Mcj reckons he is ready for a swimming lesson. I bet Jens would love it especially if there colorful pool floats. But I'll wait until he is able to walk by himself before I enroll him so we don't need to dip in the water with him.

The Hunt Is On!

Interested in online treasure hunting? Payu2blog is running a treasure hunt promotion for jewelelegance.com. All payu2blog approved blogs can join. What are the requirements? Just put a post about a treasure hunt mentioning the name of the promoter and the treasure hunt promotion.

The winner of the first Treasure Hunt will receive a 14k gold anklet valued at $240.00.

There are three more treasure hunt contest on the way. So watch out for them.

Talking of treasure hunt, I think today or around this week is a good time to go for this. Why? Jewelry like diamond earrings (which I prefer) are perfect gifts to mothers on Mother's Day.

Anyway, get those posts up on or before Monday and you'll receive the password to a post on blog.payu2blog.com that will start the hunt off.

Friday, April 18

Space Traffic

And you thought, traffic congestion is just on land. The photo (taken by European Space Agency) above shows how crowded the space is.

These debris won't harm us in land as they will melt in the atmosphere before reaching the Earth, but almost 11,000 pieces are in low Earth orbit where most commercial, military, scientific and navigational satellites operate.

Some of these debris are human waste, bits and pieces of blewn-up satellite or other aircraft/equipment.

Related story here.

Why Do You Get Insured?

The northern part of Queensland (the state where we live) was hit by a storm and flash flood this last summer. Houses were damages as well as the contents, live stocks died, cars were awashed, businesses lost their stock, and many more damages had been caused on affected areas. I didn't hear that there were lives lost but there were near death experiences for some who were stranded in their car in the middle of flooded roads or were carried by the strong current of water. The photo was horrifying at the same time heart wrenching.

What is more horrendous was the fact that some insurance companies denied insurance claims because as they say, flood was not covered. How appalling is that if you're one of the natural disaster victims? I think house and content insurance companies have always managed to deny claims for natural disasters that could create mass damage like flood or drought. Yes drought. It was also in the news last year that claimant was denied in their claims for damages on their property because of drought as according to the insurance company, it was an unforseen catastrophe and the magnitude of damage was unexpected. Isn't that the reason why you're getting insurance for your house?

Anyway, after that flood incident we can now see ads for insurance company specifically for flood damages.

If you've noticed, auto insurance company can not deny any claims for damages on cars or any vehicle for that matter. I think, any type of damages as long as not intentional, on the vehicle have been expected by auto insurance companies, hence they are covered. In our side of the world, insurance companies for auto are of great numbers - based on the ads that I see on television. And choosing one makes it difficult. :)

Thursday, April 17

Ready For Winter?

Winter is exactly 13 days away. But it already feels like it, for more than two weeks now. Since then, I've been donning on track pants and jumper every now and then. So is Jens. It's really cold at night. Daytime is alright especially if the sun is up. But we haven't used the heater yet.

Yet, I am not ready for it. I need to dash off to the laundromat to have our quilts washed - soon. Plus, the new blanket that my MIL gave us needs washing. Also, the laundry door leading outside needs a new weather seal - a trip to the door hardware might fix it or we'll buy a new "worm thing" (draught stopper).

Kids' Q (why? why? why?) :)

Reading the title of Mich and Idealpinkrose's post, I thought this tag is for Jens - but nah, for me. Thanks, girl!

Copy here:

1. Answer the Kid’s Question by Gregory Stock, PH.D.
Remember: Don’t respond as you think others want you to. Respond the way you actually feel!

2. Add your name (linked to your blog)
3. Tag everybody else!

Kid’s Question #1
If you were the ruler of the world and you could have anything you wanted as well as have people do anything you wanted, do you think you would get greedy and mean or would you be a good and fair ruler?

Good and fair. But, I think the world would be in chaos, as I am not a good manager. I am emotionally weak. Might give everyone else what they want. :)

Jhong, Alpha, Women Xplore, Em, Something Purple, Our Journey to Life, My Planet Purple, Princess Bela, Aggie, Random Thoughts, My Colorful World, The Life of a Tatapilla, Permanence in Change, add your link here

I'm passing this Q to shiela, nancy, arlene, and wirelessbliss.

I'm A Slack

Aside from not being able to keep in touch with my family, I lost touch with some of my friends back in RP too. Not intentionally though but been just too busy that I wasn't able to greet them on holidays. I'm really a BIG slack.

I just assume, they would understand my situation, being a new Mum and living in a place where helper cost an arm and a leg - put me in a scenario where holding the mobile phone is a luxury. But that's not really the case. You know, I've been blogging in my spare time. I'll just let them assume but really there's no excuse for my lack of messages to them. Well, I know that sans communication with them, we're still dearest of friends.

Anyway, my friend who lives in Adelaide recommended a phone card that I can use in calling to the Philippines. She said, it's cheap and easy to use. Calling to the Philippines with hefty cost is a thing in the past, she said. Maybe, if I got this type of card I would be compelled to ring the people that are important to me or to make more effort to reach them as it has an expiry date.

Wednesday, April 16

What's The Time?

When I arrived here, there is no clock in our room. I wanted to have one but not necessarily that it bothers me. I just check my watch or mobile phone for the time. But Mcj told me that he has a clock (like of those grandfather clocks) stacked away somewhere, in the stuff that hasn't been unpacked yet. I found it and eventually displayed on our entertainment system cabinet. But, it annoyed me everytime it chimes - every half an hour, so I stopped the pendulum. So we're back to no clock (rather with clock that doesn't work) again.

Then, when I gave birth because I am breastfeeding, I needed a wall clock to time my feeding. The mobile phone can't help as it is too much work for me to get up and look for it and because of the hassle, I gave up timing our feeding time. In result, I dozed off everytime and our little boy ended up sleeping with us on our bed. Now, we have a wall clock - of course, I was able to buy one - but Jens still ends up sleeping with us in the morning (this is another story).

Someday, I would let the grandfather clock chime again (I do when I accidentally touched it while cleaning). Maybe, place it somewhere else that I can't hear it. Mcj said that I can make it not make a noise but the ticking is still louder than ordinary clocks.
I would love to have a grandfather clock, as a matter of fact, it's a childhood dream as our clock when I was growing up was just ordinary. Apart from that, it is also an authentic and homey home decor. Plus, it would be a prominent time figure to know the time. That way, neither Mcj nor I would ask, what's the time? :)

Out Of Reach

Two of my siblings celebrate their birthday this month. One (my only brother) last 5th of the month and my sister, this coming 22nd.

For a busy Mum, I seldom get the chance to ring them. Not simply because I am busy but at the same time, I can't contact their mobile phones. I just don't know the reason why. They might have changed their mobile phone numbers. At times, they sent me sms asking if I can ring them, and that times were those when I was busy and checking up the mobile phone messages was not on my list of things to do. And when I do get the chance to ring them, they can't be reach. How frustrating is that?

Good thing though, I didn't get my own mobile phone plan. I am just using the plan for the business - we can't spend the monthly plan on local calls and sms'es anyway. Before, I considered buying an international phone card or tapping up online. Why, because I've learned from friends and research that I can actually save money for internation calls. That would be the case if I can contact my siblings or relies most of the time that I ring them but it's otherwise. I guess, we'll just get in touch in person soon. :)

It's That Time Again

Remember my post about a friend (was) who screwed me? Well, I remember it again this year. It's close to two years - been so long that I can't remember the month and date at all. It came to my thought not for good reason but just to remind me that she still hasn't paid me. Sometimes, I tell myself to just completely forget it but another part of me said still hopes that someday, she might get bugged and just pay me out of the blue.

I wonder if she treats her friend just the way she betrayed me. She could have just borrowed money from the bank or get a cash advance from her credit card instead of using me. She might also have a bad credit rating. She could have tried applying for a bad credit credit cards. RP might someday have an institution that gives hope to those who are in deep financial trouble - granting credit line with the condition of paying on time, hence building back the confidence of the creditors. My then friend should really need help such as this.

Family's Favorite TV Shows

We love watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (though there are sinister comments about it of him saying censored words) because, with his intervention to restaurants that were on the brink of closure or bankruptcy, a complete turn-around always happened. It is very interesting how the owners and managers react to his up-front approach but eventually faced it because they know that the host knows what's the best thing to do.

Last night was a vegetarian resto in Paris. The location was very idyllic, close to the tourist spots, to Paris Hotels, to the beach, etc. When Gordon (the host) was there to help, it sort of like going back to its feet again but after a couple of months or so when he came back, it was closed down and the owner planned on selling it. A happy turn-around happened to the new chef though because of her talent, Gordon hired her as one of the chef's in his resto in London.


This week's episode on Getaway features a European travel. The trailer looks very enticing. I love watching this show because you can travel along with the presentor on your lounge chair or bed. They always feature interesting and beautiful tourist spots in the places that they present - plus, the mode of transportation or how to get around. Also, they present at the end of each featured destination the cost of how to get there and the accomodation (like in Dublin Hotels, Barcelona Hotels, Rome Hotels, etc). Surely, I would want to watch this week's episode.


Everytime a European tourist destination is shown on telly, I would tell Mcj to take me there in the future. That's the dream. Europe is on the top of the list actually. I just love the architectural structures, old buildings, the landscape, the history, the very rich culture, etc.


Remember, I was excited of our upcoming trip to the Philippines? I might have jinxed it. Althought that trip was very depedent to my visa approval which I haven't got any feedback from the immigration yet, I just found out from my sister-in-law last weekend, that Mcj woul be very busy during the month that we have scheduled it. And there is no way that he can leave - plus this busy days would last a couple of months. Grrrrr! I talked to Mcj the other day and he confirmed that it was true. I told him that Jens and I could go on our own but of course at the back of my mind, I don't like travelling alone with our little Bub. Well, let's see.. I haven't got a visa that will allow me to travel out of Australia anyway.


Jens and I had been attending a playgroup in our area and the little boy had fun always. Actually, we've been in the group for just two sessions and because it is an un-structured group, we can do whatever we like. Plus the meeting place is in the park with a playground, the kiddos were able to play in the slide, swing, etc. I am glad that I joined the group now that Jens is big enough to crawl, sit and stand and be able to mingle with the other kids without much nursing from me. For stories of our playgroup, please checkout here.


We've waited for our dinner last Sunday evening for almost two hours. Mcj ordered pizza from Pizzahut online and upfront, it said, the order will be delivered in 20 minutes to our address. But after completion of the order, it said, the delivery time would be one hour and 10 minutes. That got Mcj really crooked because should we know that it would be that long, we could have driven to the pizzahut ourselves. So we waited, and I was really hungry. The pizza arrived and Mcj complained about it and eventually got a discount. :) I said, I was really hungry but I ended up eating just two slices. My appetite had gone sour.

Monday, April 14

Weekend Snapshot

I haven't got much photos to choose from this weekend so I'm posting the one from January.

We took the back road on the way to the beach because of the traffic in the highway. As expected on a weekend and made worse by the fact that it was a holiday as well. That route also leads to Australia Zoo and I happen to snap this sign along the road.
More WS here.

Sunday, April 13

My Day

Snagged this meme from Arlene. Thanks, sis!

What time do you usually wake up?
Between 8.00 and 10.00 AM.

What’s the first thing you do?
Change my clothes.

After Jens has his. breadroll/pies/cereal and juice.

Do you go to work/school?

Do you like it?

If you stay at home what do you all day?
Take care of my Bub, blogging, watching telly, sleeping, some cleaning and cooking.

When’s lunch and what you eatin’?
Between 12.00 and 1.00 PM. I had rice and dilis today.

What time do you get home from work or school?
I'm home almost all the time. :)

What do you do?
Wife, Mum and at times pro-blogger.

Dinner - when and what?
Waiting for home delivered pizza that Mcj ordered more than an hour ago.

What do you do to unwind?
Play with Jens, watch telly, read a book, blog, bond with Mcj and the little boy.

What’s your favorite time of the day?
All day and night. :)

Who’s your favorite person to interact with?
My one-and-a-half-men.

When’s bedtime?
Between 11.00PM and 2.00AM.

Who’s bedtime with?
Mcj and sometimes Jens too!

This is fun!

Real Estate Business

80% of buyers search for property online before contacting a real estate agent.

I so agree with this. The first thing that future buyers do is jump online and check what are the properties that meet their standard or fancy. And of course there are lots of options, as real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses in any part of the globe, comes the deliberation phase. More or less, the buyer would pick the top ten properties that interest her. Then, she would contact the real estate agents of all of them. Lucky for her if most of those properties belong to at least two agents. Comes the physical visit of the place. Some fall in love with the property right after they lay their eyes on it and would come up with the decision just after a couple of days and then would fill out the real estate forms. I'm sure the real estate agent would be wearing a big grin on her face.

I'm talking of a taxing process of looking for a place of your own and eventually buying it. As taxing as it is, you need somebody beside you giving some important advise and points regarding real estate law in the area where you want to buy a property. In our side of the world, shire councils have their own policies on real estate. So, I guess when buying properties, it is best that you have somebody ready to point out the what's hot and what's not rather than you spending time rallying in the office of the local policy maker.

The same goes when you're selling your property. You need to know what could be done in your property that makes it attractive to future investors. Could it be subdivided? Could it accommodate and house mechanical equipment? There are people who knows well on these subject and can give sound advise.

Insurance Talk

I just reminded Mcj if he had paid the car registration. And he said no. Now, I don't know if we can use the car to go somewhere. The rego might be overdue. Chances are if the police hail us, we might get booked-in.

Last Thursday, he said he needed to pay the registration. We were cautious then on our way to the dental clinic and back home as cops might see the sticker is due this month. And Mcj had been very careful as, overdue rego means no insurance.

Talking of insurance, did you know that the free tv here is inundated by insurance ads? May it be health, auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, business insurance and motorcycle insurance. It's not funny.

By the way, what are your criteria in choosing your any type of insurance? What comes to mind first? For us? Stability of the company, how long has it been existing, how carefully and effeciently they invest the money that the clients put in, etc. We can't afford to put in our money and rely our life into it, especially with health and life insurance. We can't always be sure in these factors because the financial market has never been volatile. But I guess, the longest running company has more roots, isn't it? Then comes the premium cost. How about you?

Saturday, April 12

PhotoHunt: Twist(ed)

Those are metals twisted in different direction to create a canopy for the walk way in the park. Bougainvilleas were climbing on it to create the shade. Sorry, but I don't know the name of this architectural design.

More photohunt here.

About Shopping

Eversince, I got my own computer to use I've been building up my favorite links. And they are increasing everyday. They're important to me - they save me time from thinking and remembering the links that I visit frequently. Aside from my emails and pro-blogging sites, do you know what else do I check almost everyday? The shopping sites.

It's not a surprise to you if I say that I love shopping. I am a self-confessed shop-aholic. And discovering a good shopping site that meets my criteria like big discounts, free shipping from time to time, accepts paypal, low prices, etc. would make my day fabulous. I tell you, I would be the constant visitor of that site and if they get lucky, one of their customers.

I have a funny experience of shopping between online and not. I wanted anail polish remover and I couldn't find one in the shop where we constantly go to. I didn't ask the attendant, that's my problem. So I looked up in the online shop and I found lots. Funny thing is I only want that item and the shipping would cost me more than the price of the item. Mcj told me to check the local chemist and that saved me from paying heaps online. Then recently, I found out where the shop stacked their nail polish remover - just at the bottom rack exactly where I was looking for it. Talking of a blind shopper. :)

The Gall

My father-in-law is in the hospital right now. He had a key-hole surgery to remove his gall bladder. MIL said, his bladder was shrinking up to his liver thus, the seldom uncomfy that he felt.

Jens and I have not visited Pa as Mcj has to drive MIL to the hospital using their car for easy entry (MIL's legs isn't well enough to hike up in 4WD) while Jens' car seat is in our car. We were always the house-minder when MIL and Mcj visited Pa.

I was wondering what is the use of the gall bladder. I learned that it excretes bile when you have fat in your food. I reckon, FIL would have complete fat-free diet when he comes home. At least now he doesn't have to use weight loss pills inorder to shed off unwanted pounds, not that he has to resort to that. But he has been trying to lose weight.

Choices for the Future

Shortly after I met Mcj, he made a very crucual decision in his life. He had to sell his house that he had helped build himself. The design was made personally by him. It was a labour of love. He just moved into it for more than a year and then he lost it. It was painful for him but he had to do it to help save their business. He had choices, yeah, like debt consolidation or declaring bankruptcy. But debt consolidation would not see the end of the juggle act. While bankruptcy would just dent their record. The latter is out of the question. I think, he might have tried the snowball method but in the end, those methods didn't see the end of the struggle.

So yeah, we lost the house. "We" because even if we were not married that time yet and the house is his, he had asked my permission if he could sell the house. I had to conform of course. Who am I not to? But I was touched with him soliciting my opinion as that decision concerned our future together.

He had researched the internet thoroughly to check what better options he got. It had helped but not as far as settling the accounts.

As for the house? Well, we can build one of our own. Labour of love of the family. :)

Friday, April 11

Berry-berry Good

Do you love berries? I love them, especially strawberry.

According to study, they are good for the blood pressure so don't just think of them as a treat, rather a part of your daily diet. Problem is, they're seasonal. So I guess, you just have to max them out while they're avialable in the shops.

Just wanna share this good info about berries:

Don't think of them as a treat. Berries should get daily play in your diet -- especially if you’re at all concerned about your blood pressure.

People with high BP who ate berries daily as part of a study saw a 7-point dip in their systolic blood pressure -- after just 8 weeks of berry love!

Berries have a lot going for them: They're jam-packed with polyphenols, like flavonols and anthocyanins. Plus, they're loaded with vitamin C, folate, potassium, and fiber. With so much in such a tiny package, it's hardly a surprise that it took just 4 ounces of a berry medley each day to boost the health of the study participants. Not only did their blood pressure go down, but their HDL ("good" cholesterol) went up, too.


Tags Here and There

This one is from Tracey. Thanks heaps, girl!

4 TV Shows I like:
Friends (there's a re-run here)
All CSI Series

4 Favorite Foods:
Fried Chicken
Salad (veggies)
Fried rice

Four movies I could watch over and over:
Two weeks notice
You've Got Mail
The Prince and Me
Forrest Gump

4 Things You Can Do to Make My Day:
Blogging Opps?
Just be with my family

4 People I Tag:
Wireless Bliss

I know girls, this tag has been running around for long, but it has something new. Just try it. :)


And this is from Yum and Idealpinkrose.

# You can get more web traffic.
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Here are the Rules:Copy the list below.Place your Blog's FEED Link (i.e. You blog's link for its RSS/Atom feed, not the actual site) after the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!After placing your blog’s feed address/es, you must tag 5 or more bloggers that is not yet in the list, this is to keep the ball rolling.Also, you must subscribe to the feed of the blog who tagged you. You may include subscribing to another blog of your choice from the list.

1. Dezzmassey2. A Fil-Am Journey3. Funkie Mommy4. Jessel's Life Imagination5. A Simple Life6. Buzzing Around 7. Splice and Dice8. Sweet Lullaby9. Filipina in Hawaii10. Outback Pinay 11. The Life of a Tatapilla 12. Shoe-aholic 13. Permanence in Change

I'm passing the ball to Arlene, Retche and Liza.


Just like with blogging, I am hooked into freebies in the net. A fellow blogger introduced me to her freebie site and from then on, I frequented her site and search for more sites that offer freebies in Down Under. They said, there's no such thing as free but I guess I can prove them wrong - actually I have posted some proof here already. Yes, there are sites that freebies came with catches but I don't jump into that trap.

Even if for free, I don't sign up for everything that's on offer. There are products that I don't see myself using like weight loss pills or the like, anti wrinkle cream, and any health supplement. But most of the freebies I received were for my giveaways also. :)

Skywatch 1

I snapped this while in the car on the way home from the beach. The sun was setting on that far side and painted the sky in gold and orange mixed with the clouds and the reflection of the blue water on the sky. I thought it was a lovely sight.
Check the skywatch HQ for more.

Thursday, April 10

Is It Shopping Time Yet?

I love shopping, Mcj would vouch for that. But since I don't go out that much, I don't shop that often like I used to. The practical wife and mummy had grown on me already that I don't see the point of buying clothes, shoes or bag most of the time when I don't wear them much often. I don't dress up at home, so that explains it.

But having Jens gives me the opportunity to shop more often. It's amazing how babies grow up very quick that you need to buy clothes almost every two or three months. Plus, with the changing seasons, it's imperative to shop cloths apt for the season for the little boy. And then there are the toys and books that we want him to see, play and read. And more stuff that babies need. I love it.

We shop when the need arises or better put, when we have time. We don't really go with what's on sale or how much discount that a certain store offers. Our shopping habit is more of a necessity and based on the time we have on our hand.

But did you notice that shops always have sale on holidays or days after the holiday? Just like the thanksgiving sale on Monday after the Thanksgiving, which they call Cyber Monday. Various stores offer online coupons. Take the bestbuy, which offer free shipping for some selected products as well as some select camera accessory purchases.

Most of the big chain stores in our side of the world, also have big discounts on holidays. It's fun shopping during these season. :)

Wednesday, April 9

Love Furnitures?

Love furniture? If you do, we share the same interest. I used to buy magazines for home design where different types and class of furnitures are showcased. I particularly love hard wood and of course those that are easy to clean or don't need to clean at all.

Well now there is an easy way to feed this type of interest - surfing the net. The furniture websites are sprawling in the wild wild web. Just take your pick.

One is the furniturefromhome.com. The website is user-friendly and straight forward. Links of categories of furnitures are easy to find, which are displayed on top. I would love the links to be striking though. But what I like most? Is the color of the webpage. Earth color, just like the color of the wood. It is easy to navigate and there are photos available for the furnitures for sale. There are several categories also, like home office furniture, bedroom furniture, etc. Another interesting website made to lure you to buy furniture online.

Once a Dream

When I was in highschool, I want to be an officer in our PMT (I can't remember what it means now) class. But I was not. Primarily because, our house was soo far from the school that by the time the training for the officers was finished, there will be no transportation available to go home. Officers always have to stay late than just the ordinary rank back then. Our family didn't own a ride other than bicycle, so there's no question for me to stay up late in school.

I thought so now that, not being an officer back then had saved my parents some money. Imagine the cost of all gears (including gears like BDU Pants ) needed to be an officer plus the extra transportation cost of going back to school on weekends and holidays to train. That could have been money that we didn't have.

Monday, April 7

What's In A Box?

I got a big parcel in the mail (from our PO box) today. I didn't knew who was it from. I wasn't expecting anything from anybody nor did I do some online shopping recently.

So, I opened the box without a fuss. Then to my surprise, this pretty box greeted me.

I didn't have a clue what's inside so I hurriedly opened it and again, I was surprised, even more surprised to see this.
I had no idea what I did to receive these goodies. Surely, this is not just an ordinary promotional freebies from Maybelline just like the mascara I got last month.
Then I remembered I got an email from this makeup company to join their promotion for some new line of lipstick. Just answer the question in 25 words or less and you will be entered in a competition to win some stuff. I can't even remember what did I wrote but surely, it was very simple as I don't use lipstick at all. But I believe, I won because of these freebies not unless all members got the same box.
I didn't touch anything until I was able to take some snaps. I even tied the ribbon back. Just for posterity and for you to see what made my night (apart from our shopping trip).
The box has two shades of blush on, three shades of nail polish, to sets of eye shadow, three shades of lipstick and an eye liner. All these for free.
Could this be a sign that I should start wearing makeup? I'm sure Mcj would raise his eyebrow. :)
Well, lovely additions to my collections for our trip back to RP. But I might try them up to curb my curiousity.
Life indeed is full of surprises.
This box of goodies is better than pro-blogging opps. :)

Love For Me is...

This is my love DNA. Thanks, Leah.

Copy here:
1. Take the test - Love Visual DNA.
2. Post your result by adding your name (linked to your blog), your love type (linked to your Love DNA result).
3. Tag everybody else!

1. Aggie - Warm and Fuzzy
2. Kelly - Warm and Fuzzy
3. Vina - Love Magnet
4. Happy - Warm and Fuzzy
5. Leah - Warm and Fuzzy
6. Era - Warm and Fuzzy

WirelessBliss, Arlene and Mitch, would you be happy to do this tag ladies?

Sunday, April 6

"Lucky" Day

Sunday morning, Jens and I woke up early. We had our usual morning walk down the gate to check mails. It's weekend, so we only got junk mails. He was already sleepy so I pushed his pram up to the back part of our place with the intention of luring him to sleep. He did went to sleep on his pram.

He woke up around noon and wanted his father to pick him up. He was really whingy so I did and eventually passed to Mcj but Dad has to do something so I put Jens back to his pram. He didn't cry because he saw something. His friend. He can watch Lucky (the cat) intently more than the tube.
Want to know somebody's weekend? Check them out here.

Freebies With A Catch

I got lots of goodies and freebies when I was pregnant and when I gave birth in our local hospital here. On my first, ante-natal checkup, they gave me the first "bounty bag". It contains lots of reading materials on pregnancy, baby and giving birth plus some stuff for the baby and some that can be used on labor.

Then, another "bounty bag" was given when I gave birth. It contains nappies, rash cream, baby book, cd, books to guide mums on taking care of bubs and for growth and development reference, etc.

One of the books contains cupouns for another freebie. This time, it will be claimed in one of the deparment stores. There should be a nappy bag, some goodies for the bub, photo birth announcements, etc. But I didn't get to see them as Mcj doesn't want to claim it afraid of the catch. You know, I need to fill out a form to indicate my address, contact numbers and stuff. He thought, the catch would be junk mails or unsolicited calls coming from the shop. Junk mails, telemarketing, spams and the scare of identity theft really stuff up my opportunity to have that freebies. Oh well, we can do without them.

Re-launch of Shoe Blog

I am back to updating my shoe blog again, after of more than eight months of "sleep". I've just made a couple of posts and changed the entire look.

Please check it out. I'm building my links, so please leave a comment if you want to swap linkies.

Saturday, April 5


It's weekend but it doesn't makes a difference to me. I don't look forward to it to do something as I can always do that "something" on weekdays. I am not even aware of what day is it or what is the date. That's when you are a SAHM or a WAHM.

Mcj is still working today. He doesn't have weekends or regular days off. Just when his partner is not coming here or when he declares it's his day off, it will that be. He is tied up here in the office doing adminisstrative work and in between, checking irrigations and stuff. His brother is the one doing the franchise business.

I might pull his legs later to go to the shop to buy some books, that is if the bookshop would still be open.

Growing My Own

I love eating paw-paw (papaya). I miss to nibble on un-ripened (manibalang) one dipped in salt and vinegar. I love eating paw-paw pickles (atsara) too.

I buy paw-paw here when I feel like eating but they're always ripe. So, I thought of growing my own. I saved the seeds.

I didn't really knew how to grow one but as far as I can remember, my grandfather would just throw the seeds in the garden and after a couple of months, pawpaw seedlings would be sprouting everywhere. That was in the Philippines.

Mcj taught me the process - dry the seeds, sow 'em on a tray, if they're big enough with a leaf or two transfer them to another bigger tray and if they've grown enough roots, plant them on the ground. Sounds too much hard work.

Anyway, I put the seeds that I saved in a newspaper thinking it is quicker to dry in it. After a couple of weeks, the seeds were dead, err.. very dry so I threw them on the weedy garden without hoping that they will sprout.

I saved some more seeds and this time, I followed what Mcj taught me. My paw-paw seeds had turnd into seedlings and were too happy until I transfered them on a tray for hardening and put under a sprinkler that doesn't comes on. The next thing I knew, the tray was gone and the dead pawpaw seedlings were in the rubbish bin.

I was not disappointed. But I also gave up the idea of growing my own.

Then one day, I saw one pawpaw plant in the garden. I might have threwn some seeds there.

I told Mcj about it and Mcj took me to another part of the garden and showed me pawpaw plants that are taller than what I found. There were more than five. They are the "dead" seeds that I threw before. I was happy.

Now, I just have to wait for them to bear fruit.


Pawpaw is a fruit with many uses to the body. It is laxative. It has an enzyme that helps digest protein. Basically, aids the digestive system and it is also a form of cleanser. All natural. Though there are lots of detoxifying products in the market like colon cleanser, you can still go natural by eating pawpaw. Using pawpaw leaves for the skin is another story but still another use of the plant.

Products on Sale Online

I had been shopping online for clothes and it was no good. Why? Because the sizes vary in different kinds of garments. I know my size. I would select the my size of the clothes in every item but so far, in all my purchases, only two fit me well. After my first purchase which was kind of a success, I tried to consider the type of cloth the clothes is made of. It helped but still I wasn't that accurate with my size. So I resigned to the fact that I have to stop shopping for clothes online.

I don't desperately need those clothes but because, as I have said, I'm an impulse buyer, I would buy any clothes that I like especially if they're on discount.

We do shop clothes for Jens every season anyway, so Mummy can still buy on impulse for herself. :)

I don't buy in ebay because for some payment method issue that I don't like to conform. Though, I would love to shop there as the range of products is very vast.

I have favorite shopping sites and I would still continue to shop online for stuff other than clothes.


Did you know that you can also buy airplanes online? That's incredible, isn't it? But yeah, there are airplanes for sale online. You can select what type of plane, from light, helicopter, glider, etc and from different locations. Plus, you can select from vintage to the most up to date plane models. Isn't that awesome? But I guess, you can't ship it, can you? No, but you can flew it. lol.

On Women

It had been in the news recently, that a certain shopping store had been commended for their long maternity leave benefits to mums. Although, it is not the highest company to grant such benefit in the whole country. But that was big news for the women employees especially those who are married and to just anybody who plans to have kids.

Maternity leave benefits is a big thing here and some women group have been pushing for a long paid maternity benefit. Even the magazine that I am buying is lobbying on this.

I am not really keen on this issue. I have not done my research but as far as I know some companies exceeds the number of week of paid maternity leave that is mandated by the government and some is just within the limit. But all the same, women are pushing for a longer maternity leave so they can take care of their baby and consider breast feeding him.

Well, that is in my part of the world. While in the US, there are Women Grants. And as I've gathered, less women apply for it but more are qualified.

How about on your side of the world? How's the Women Grants there?

Lucrative Business

My mother is my eyes and ears back in our hometown. Oh no, not on gossips rather on the current events and what happened to whom (it isn't gossip, is it?). When I call, though unprepared or without me telling them for my call, she would be able to tell me the events that had transpired in our place.

Anyway, she had told me that a schoolmate is a big shot now because of the business that she went into is really doing very good. It is sort of like a structured settlement payments wherein she paid the pensioners a lump sum for their pension of two years or whatever term it is. I know for a fact that this kind of business is very lucrative in our town even when I was still in highschool.

People or pensioners who need big amount of cash now but whose only source of income is a staggering inflow of money, would sell their rights to receive that monthly pension for a sum of money discounted of interest. They are kind of selling the annuity payments.

I don't really know the nitty-gritty of this business but what I am sure of, because of the number of pensioners that are willing to sell their pensioners are great, you need to have big capital investment. But I guess, the payoff is also substantial as the business has been running from one generation to the next.

Friday, April 4

On Cars

Mcj was reading the local paper yesterday and when he put it down, he showed to me the ad for a car and said, "you can buy me this". Yeah, from my blogging moolah. lol. I said, I haven't got a car for myself yet, you can buy me that. According to him, that will be one of the car that I would be taller than as it is only 1 meter high. Cool! But how much would it cost? I am not keen to check as I'm sure I can't afford it, for now. :)

You see the car is sort of like a sports car and very small, not like the Dallas limo. Check this out.

It is not an ordinary or common limo that I have seen. This is huge. Do you agree?

Anyway, if I want a car it wouldn't be like that. lol. But it would be nice to ride a limo as big as that. I haven't been inside the limo, mind you. Poor me. :)

As I've mentioned many times, I already know what type of car am I going to buy but since we won't be buying soon, I have to keep on looking as new models are always introduced for different brands.


This is a long overdue tag from Mitch. I'll echo your words, this tag reminds me to be more thankful everyday.

I am thankful to:

God, for my life: everything that I can see, touch, feel; all the blessings; and for creating the whole world.

Mcj and Jens, for being there always.

My parents and siblings, for everything that they have done for me, for the sacrifices, and for being a wonderful family to grow up with.

My in-laws, for everything that you all have done to and for us.

Friends, for accepting me for whatever I am.

Online friends and readers, for frequenting my blogs and for the love and friendship.

Like this tag? Grab it and have fun!

Use BMI Calculator

Weight problem is not always determined by the eyes. I mean, you can't really tell correctly if a person is overweight or otherwise just by looking. There are people who may look big and heavy but in proportion to their height, they just weigh average. Or it might be otherwise.

I know somebody who might have looked big but she's also tall and his bone structure is big, so looking really slim is out of the question for her. And look at me! I am slim but who knows? I might be overweight because of my special height. :)

Well, to determine correctly if a person has weight problem or not, use a BMI Calculator. Know the right height and weight and viola, you will know if one is overweight or not.

I've tried measure my BMI then and it showed I was underweight. That was before getting pregnant and giving birth and binge eating and breast feeding. I haven't tried to after then. I might be overweight now. I don't know my weight but I am not really keen to know as it might degrate my confidence. Lol.

Thursday, April 3

I Love Him because...

Tagged by Tracy. Thanks, girl!

Why I love Mcj? Well, should there be a reason? I just love him. Period. Hehehe. But for fun, here they are:
  • he puts up with all my crankiness and bad mood.
  • he wants me to be a more better person and helps me work on that.
  • he brings out the best and (worst) in me. bwahaha!
  • he spoils me even if I don't deserve it. :D
  • knows a lot about life and teaches them to me.
  • he is very patient with me.
  • he is very compassionate, helpful, humanitarian, honest, and trying to be perfect. :D perfectionist baga!
  • he has unfaltering faith in God.
  • he loves Jens.
  • and many more... :P

I'm tagging WBliss, Idealpinkrose and Mitch.

"Have a Life"

Success stories of losing weight is common on television shows everyday. May it be talk shows (sometimes), advertisements, current affairs and news programs - they are inundated by success stories of people who have problem losing weight but found their niche and eventually "have a life" as they say.

Australia is one of the countries that has a higher obesity rate - hence all those ads and information exposed to the public. The government plays a big role on some of these weight loss or 'getting active' program. Tell you, even kids programs on television tackle this issue. And as a Mum, I appreciate it. It is one way of educating children of staying healthy and making them aware that there are consequences for binge eating or indulging too much in junk food.


There are lots of ways on how to lose weight and lapband is one of them. If you have a weight problem or know somebody and you want to help, there are lots of informations available on the web. Take the newhopetoday website. Lots of helpful informations are available for the person who might consider in going into the procedure - success stories, the facilities, the programs available, patient support plus the bio of the surgeons.

Tuesday, April 1

On Investment

A high interest rate should not be seen a bad thing only. Yes, it has its upside but the downside is also worth recognizing. For those fortunate people who happens to have extra moolah in their pocket can benefit on this. Interest rate on savings or investment is also high.

For a common citizen, setting up investments is not a piece of cake. It could be taxing to choose which investment company is better especially in a volative economy. It is in this time that one should employ an investment advisor (like George Divel) to help them make decisions. Advisors knowledge of market trend, risk analysis and the like make a big difference in making financial decisions.


Someone shared to me what she read in a book about using chopsticks. The autor recommended that people should use them to avoid eating too much. It might sort of like a portion control eating. You can only eat what's in between the two sticks. Not like the spoon, you can scoop heaps and heaps of food and put them in your mouth. If you're using chopsticks and want to eat more, you need to have more patience, I reckon.

Using chopsticks might be good for those who want to lose weight or avoid eating too much. It might not be a tool for losing weight but it's definitely a tool not to eat too much. Well, for a person like me who doens't know how to use them. Mcj thought I should be adept in using them as I came from Asia. Duh! I used my hands to eat when I was little. :P

Studies have also shown that using chopsticks can help improve memory and manual dexterity.
So, remember to use chopsticks on your next meal. (have to buy some first)

Medical Care

I used to watch a telly program, Flying Doctors. It is a show about doctors who are on a medical mission in Outback Australia. I gather that communities there are very far from each other and medical help is also the same. There might be hospitals but some people live in a distant place that would take them long hours to travel to the hospital and these hospitals are not really of high standards when it comes to medical technologies and stuff. The doctors usually attend to matters of urgency and after the patients were out of danger, they were flew to the nearest state or city hospitals.

The doctors who took on this mission have amazing attitude and capabilities. One I saw was a reverend of a Christian church and he was also a pilot. And I could say that a skilled pilot as he was flying in a not-really-state-of-the-art airport, more of like a helipad and runways were short.

Well, if we have flying doctors in Australia, the US has air ambulance. You couldn't imagine that a company such as airambulance.net exists. The service is the fastest way of getting to the patient, I believe.