Wednesday, April 16

It's That Time Again

Remember my post about a friend (was) who screwed me? Well, I remember it again this year. It's close to two years - been so long that I can't remember the month and date at all. It came to my thought not for good reason but just to remind me that she still hasn't paid me. Sometimes, I tell myself to just completely forget it but another part of me said still hopes that someday, she might get bugged and just pay me out of the blue.

I wonder if she treats her friend just the way she betrayed me. She could have just borrowed money from the bank or get a cash advance from her credit card instead of using me. She might also have a bad credit rating. She could have tried applying for a bad credit credit cards. RP might someday have an institution that gives hope to those who are in deep financial trouble - granting credit line with the condition of paying on time, hence building back the confidence of the creditors. My then friend should really need help such as this.