Tuesday, April 1


Someone shared to me what she read in a book about using chopsticks. The autor recommended that people should use them to avoid eating too much. It might sort of like a portion control eating. You can only eat what's in between the two sticks. Not like the spoon, you can scoop heaps and heaps of food and put them in your mouth. If you're using chopsticks and want to eat more, you need to have more patience, I reckon.

Using chopsticks might be good for those who want to lose weight or avoid eating too much. It might not be a tool for losing weight but it's definitely a tool not to eat too much. Well, for a person like me who doens't know how to use them. Mcj thought I should be adept in using them as I came from Asia. Duh! I used my hands to eat when I was little. :P

Studies have also shown that using chopsticks can help improve memory and manual dexterity.
So, remember to use chopsticks on your next meal. (have to buy some first)


Anonymous said...

That is really interesting!

Unknown said...

indeed lina. thanks for the visit. :)