Wednesday, April 16

Family's Favorite TV Shows

We love watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (though there are sinister comments about it of him saying censored words) because, with his intervention to restaurants that were on the brink of closure or bankruptcy, a complete turn-around always happened. It is very interesting how the owners and managers react to his up-front approach but eventually faced it because they know that the host knows what's the best thing to do.

Last night was a vegetarian resto in Paris. The location was very idyllic, close to the tourist spots, to Paris Hotels, to the beach, etc. When Gordon (the host) was there to help, it sort of like going back to its feet again but after a couple of months or so when he came back, it was closed down and the owner planned on selling it. A happy turn-around happened to the new chef though because of her talent, Gordon hired her as one of the chef's in his resto in London.


This week's episode on Getaway features a European travel. The trailer looks very enticing. I love watching this show because you can travel along with the presentor on your lounge chair or bed. They always feature interesting and beautiful tourist spots in the places that they present - plus, the mode of transportation or how to get around. Also, they present at the end of each featured destination the cost of how to get there and the accomodation (like in Dublin Hotels, Barcelona Hotels, Rome Hotels, etc). Surely, I would want to watch this week's episode.


Everytime a European tourist destination is shown on telly, I would tell Mcj to take me there in the future. That's the dream. Europe is on the top of the list actually. I just love the architectural structures, old buildings, the landscape, the history, the very rich culture, etc.