Sunday, April 6

"Lucky" Day

Sunday morning, Jens and I woke up early. We had our usual morning walk down the gate to check mails. It's weekend, so we only got junk mails. He was already sleepy so I pushed his pram up to the back part of our place with the intention of luring him to sleep. He did went to sleep on his pram.

He woke up around noon and wanted his father to pick him up. He was really whingy so I did and eventually passed to Mcj but Dad has to do something so I put Jens back to his pram. He didn't cry because he saw something. His friend. He can watch Lucky (the cat) intently more than the tube.
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Wirelessbliss said...

hmmm...maybe because they might be talking the same language? he.he.he. :)

Carver said...

That's great that he enjoys watching the cat so much and it looks like the cat is watching him.

SandyCarlson said...

That's a beautiful feline babysitter!

Princess of CJ said...

@wirelessbliss, natumbok mo. hehehe.

@carver, somebody said that babies enjoy watching the real show rather than what's in the tube and she was absolutely right. :)

#sandy, thanks. he's another baby of the family.

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larawannabe said...

with a handsome cat like that, who wouldn't be mesmerize ;)

have a great week!