Wednesday, April 16

Out Of Reach

Two of my siblings celebrate their birthday this month. One (my only brother) last 5th of the month and my sister, this coming 22nd.

For a busy Mum, I seldom get the chance to ring them. Not simply because I am busy but at the same time, I can't contact their mobile phones. I just don't know the reason why. They might have changed their mobile phone numbers. At times, they sent me sms asking if I can ring them, and that times were those when I was busy and checking up the mobile phone messages was not on my list of things to do. And when I do get the chance to ring them, they can't be reach. How frustrating is that?

Good thing though, I didn't get my own mobile phone plan. I am just using the plan for the business - we can't spend the monthly plan on local calls and sms'es anyway. Before, I considered buying an international phone card or tapping up online. Why, because I've learned from friends and research that I can actually save money for internation calls. That would be the case if I can contact my siblings or relies most of the time that I ring them but it's otherwise. I guess, we'll just get in touch in person soon. :)