Tuesday, April 1

Medical Care

I used to watch a telly program, Flying Doctors. It is a show about doctors who are on a medical mission in Outback Australia. I gather that communities there are very far from each other and medical help is also the same. There might be hospitals but some people live in a distant place that would take them long hours to travel to the hospital and these hospitals are not really of high standards when it comes to medical technologies and stuff. The doctors usually attend to matters of urgency and after the patients were out of danger, they were flew to the nearest state or city hospitals.

The doctors who took on this mission have amazing attitude and capabilities. One I saw was a reverend of a Christian church and he was also a pilot. And I could say that a skilled pilot as he was flying in a not-really-state-of-the-art airport, more of like a helipad and runways were short.

Well, if we have flying doctors in Australia, the US has air ambulance. You couldn't imagine that a company such as airambulance.net exists. The service is the fastest way of getting to the patient, I believe.