Wednesday, April 16

What's The Time?

When I arrived here, there is no clock in our room. I wanted to have one but not necessarily that it bothers me. I just check my watch or mobile phone for the time. But Mcj told me that he has a clock (like of those grandfather clocks) stacked away somewhere, in the stuff that hasn't been unpacked yet. I found it and eventually displayed on our entertainment system cabinet. But, it annoyed me everytime it chimes - every half an hour, so I stopped the pendulum. So we're back to no clock (rather with clock that doesn't work) again.

Then, when I gave birth because I am breastfeeding, I needed a wall clock to time my feeding. The mobile phone can't help as it is too much work for me to get up and look for it and because of the hassle, I gave up timing our feeding time. In result, I dozed off everytime and our little boy ended up sleeping with us on our bed. Now, we have a wall clock - of course, I was able to buy one - but Jens still ends up sleeping with us in the morning (this is another story).

Someday, I would let the grandfather clock chime again (I do when I accidentally touched it while cleaning). Maybe, place it somewhere else that I can't hear it. Mcj said that I can make it not make a noise but the ticking is still louder than ordinary clocks.
I would love to have a grandfather clock, as a matter of fact, it's a childhood dream as our clock when I was growing up was just ordinary. Apart from that, it is also an authentic and homey home decor. Plus, it would be a prominent time figure to know the time. That way, neither Mcj nor I would ask, what's the time? :)


Anonymous said...

hi. noticed your link with the words "gave birth" is not working. great clocks post! (feel free to delete this comment if desired)