Monday, April 7

Love For Me is...

This is my love DNA. Thanks, Leah.

Copy here:
1. Take the test - Love Visual DNA.
2. Post your result by adding your name (linked to your blog), your love type (linked to your Love DNA result).
3. Tag everybody else!

1. Aggie - Warm and Fuzzy
2. Kelly - Warm and Fuzzy
3. Vina - Love Magnet
4. Happy - Warm and Fuzzy
5. Leah - Warm and Fuzzy
6. Era - Warm and Fuzzy

WirelessBliss, Arlene and Mitch, would you be happy to do this tag ladies?


Anonymous said...

hi sis, am back from the trip. the pics are to be edited in size yet. hjope to share it the soonest i can.

thanks for tagging me here. i will do it as soon as i can. pki edit din ng url to my blog. it's

thanks in advance, sis.