Monday, April 7
This is my love DNA. Thanks, Leah.

Copy here:
1. Take the test - Love Visual DNA.
2. Post your result by adding your name (linked to your blog), your love type (linked to your Love DNA result).
3. Tag everybody else!

1. Aggie - Warm and Fuzzy
2. Kelly - Warm and Fuzzy
3. Vina - Love Magnet
4. Happy - Warm and Fuzzy
5. Leah - Warm and Fuzzy
6. Era - Warm and Fuzzy

WirelessBliss, Arlene and Mitch, would you be happy to do this tag ladies?
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Posted by Princess of CJ at 11:05 pm |


At 10:00 pm, Anonymous sunshineforlife said........
hi sis, am back from the trip. the pics are to be edited in size yet. hjope to share it the soonest i can.

thanks for tagging me here. i will do it as soon as i can. pki edit din ng url to my blog. it's

thanks in advance, sis.

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