Tuesday, April 29

Early Pressie

I received a very early Mother's Day present in the mail today. :) A very unexpected one.

Maybelline sent me gifts again, packed in a pretty box. I really wonder, what are these for. Did I won the competition? I checked the competition in its website and the one for April is still going. Did all members received the same gifts? If you did, please let me know. :)

Anyway, the box contains 14 shades of Superstay Gloss. Cool! I tried one and it is indeed superstay and superglossy. :)

I wonder what will I receive next month. I'm getting used to receiving freebies already. :)


Anonymous said...

hi sis, ang dami nyan ha! ako ang na excited. hehehehe. pahingi nyan ha. earth tones bagay sa akin. hahahah feeling ko talaga. pwede mo lang sila isama nung eye shdes freebies mo last time. diba dami din yon? hehehee

well, bundle up you three. am sure it's super cold out there now. while am here infront of the electric fan.

nite nite

Princess of CJ said...

hi sis, oo nga dami, nagulat nga ako. :) sige,ill save up earth tone for you and eyeshadow. send me your address pero pag-uwi ko n lng padala ha para mura ang courier. kuripot ko anoh? hehehe. uwi dw kami this year eh.

thanks, nite!

Sunshinelene said...

aww that;s sweet. kaya nga hingi ako kasi alam ko uuwi kayo this year. hehehehee. will give you the address when ur almost to come home. is that ok?

btw, my friend and her family is now situated in south brisbane. is that so far from ur place?

Princess of CJ said...

i'll post an update here if we have final plans for our trip back home. just email me then. :)

we're in outer north brisbane area. we're more or less half an hour drive away from brisbane. malapit lapit lng din. :) has she got a blog going, sis?

Anonymous said...

WOW! Quite a lot, era! Swerte mo naman. makasali nga dyan! :D