Saturday, April 12

The Gall

My father-in-law is in the hospital right now. He had a key-hole surgery to remove his gall bladder. MIL said, his bladder was shrinking up to his liver thus, the seldom uncomfy that he felt.

Jens and I have not visited Pa as Mcj has to drive MIL to the hospital using their car for easy entry (MIL's legs isn't well enough to hike up in 4WD) while Jens' car seat is in our car. We were always the house-minder when MIL and Mcj visited Pa.

I was wondering what is the use of the gall bladder. I learned that it excretes bile when you have fat in your food. I reckon, FIL would have complete fat-free diet when he comes home. At least now he doesn't have to use weight loss pills inorder to shed off unwanted pounds, not that he has to resort to that. But he has been trying to lose weight.