Friday, April 4

Use BMI Calculator

Weight problem is not always determined by the eyes. I mean, you can't really tell correctly if a person is overweight or otherwise just by looking. There are people who may look big and heavy but in proportion to their height, they just weigh average. Or it might be otherwise.

I know somebody who might have looked big but she's also tall and his bone structure is big, so looking really slim is out of the question for her. And look at me! I am slim but who knows? I might be overweight because of my special height. :)

Well, to determine correctly if a person has weight problem or not, use a BMI Calculator. Know the right height and weight and viola, you will know if one is overweight or not.

I've tried measure my BMI then and it showed I was underweight. That was before getting pregnant and giving birth and binge eating and breast feeding. I haven't tried to after then. I might be overweight now. I don't know my weight but I am not really keen to know as it might degrate my confidence. Lol.