Saturday, April 12

Choices for the Future

Shortly after I met Mcj, he made a very crucual decision in his life. He had to sell his house that he had helped build himself. The design was made personally by him. It was a labour of love. He just moved into it for more than a year and then he lost it. It was painful for him but he had to do it to help save their business. He had choices, yeah, like debt consolidation or declaring bankruptcy. But debt consolidation would not see the end of the juggle act. While bankruptcy would just dent their record. The latter is out of the question. I think, he might have tried the snowball method but in the end, those methods didn't see the end of the struggle.

So yeah, we lost the house. "We" because even if we were not married that time yet and the house is his, he had asked my permission if he could sell the house. I had to conform of course. Who am I not to? But I was touched with him soliciting my opinion as that decision concerned our future together.

He had researched the internet thoroughly to check what better options he got. It had helped but not as far as settling the accounts.

As for the house? Well, we can build one of our own. Labour of love of the family. :)