Sunday, April 13

Real Estate Business

80% of buyers search for property online before contacting a real estate agent.

I so agree with this. The first thing that future buyers do is jump online and check what are the properties that meet their standard or fancy. And of course there are lots of options, as real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses in any part of the globe, comes the deliberation phase. More or less, the buyer would pick the top ten properties that interest her. Then, she would contact the real estate agents of all of them. Lucky for her if most of those properties belong to at least two agents. Comes the physical visit of the place. Some fall in love with the property right after they lay their eyes on it and would come up with the decision just after a couple of days and then would fill out the real estate forms. I'm sure the real estate agent would be wearing a big grin on her face.

I'm talking of a taxing process of looking for a place of your own and eventually buying it. As taxing as it is, you need somebody beside you giving some important advise and points regarding real estate law in the area where you want to buy a property. In our side of the world, shire councils have their own policies on real estate. So, I guess when buying properties, it is best that you have somebody ready to point out the what's hot and what's not rather than you spending time rallying in the office of the local policy maker.

The same goes when you're selling your property. You need to know what could be done in your property that makes it attractive to future investors. Could it be subdivided? Could it accommodate and house mechanical equipment? There are people who knows well on these subject and can give sound advise.