Thursday, April 17

I'm A Slack

Aside from not being able to keep in touch with my family, I lost touch with some of my friends back in RP too. Not intentionally though but been just too busy that I wasn't able to greet them on holidays. I'm really a BIG slack.

I just assume, they would understand my situation, being a new Mum and living in a place where helper cost an arm and a leg - put me in a scenario where holding the mobile phone is a luxury. But that's not really the case. You know, I've been blogging in my spare time. I'll just let them assume but really there's no excuse for my lack of messages to them. Well, I know that sans communication with them, we're still dearest of friends.

Anyway, my friend who lives in Adelaide recommended a phone card that I can use in calling to the Philippines. She said, it's cheap and easy to use. Calling to the Philippines with hefty cost is a thing in the past, she said. Maybe, if I got this type of card I would be compelled to ring the people that are important to me or to make more effort to reach them as it has an expiry date.