Monday, April 7

What's In A Box?

I got a big parcel in the mail (from our PO box) today. I didn't knew who was it from. I wasn't expecting anything from anybody nor did I do some online shopping recently.

So, I opened the box without a fuss. Then to my surprise, this pretty box greeted me.

I didn't have a clue what's inside so I hurriedly opened it and again, I was surprised, even more surprised to see this.
I had no idea what I did to receive these goodies. Surely, this is not just an ordinary promotional freebies from Maybelline just like the mascara I got last month.
Then I remembered I got an email from this makeup company to join their promotion for some new line of lipstick. Just answer the question in 25 words or less and you will be entered in a competition to win some stuff. I can't even remember what did I wrote but surely, it was very simple as I don't use lipstick at all. But I believe, I won because of these freebies not unless all members got the same box.
I didn't touch anything until I was able to take some snaps. I even tied the ribbon back. Just for posterity and for you to see what made my night (apart from our shopping trip).
The box has two shades of blush on, three shades of nail polish, to sets of eye shadow, three shades of lipstick and an eye liner. All these for free.
Could this be a sign that I should start wearing makeup? I'm sure Mcj would raise his eyebrow. :)
Well, lovely additions to my collections for our trip back to RP. But I might try them up to curb my curiousity.
Life indeed is full of surprises.
This box of goodies is better than pro-blogging opps. :)


complicated girl said...

hahahaha..definitely..better than pro blogging opps..

lucky you!!
am jealous..

dropping by!

Ers said...

thanks, complicated girl.

Unknown said...

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Cielo said...

wow this is great, kakainggit hehehe.
you are really lucky

Wirelessbliss said...

psst! padala mo sken yung ayaw mo at ng masubukan din! :P

SHIELA said...

lucky girl!!!