Thursday, April 3

"Have a Life"

Success stories of losing weight is common on television shows everyday. May it be talk shows (sometimes), advertisements, current affairs and news programs - they are inundated by success stories of people who have problem losing weight but found their niche and eventually "have a life" as they say.

Australia is one of the countries that has a higher obesity rate - hence all those ads and information exposed to the public. The government plays a big role on some of these weight loss or 'getting active' program. Tell you, even kids programs on television tackle this issue. And as a Mum, I appreciate it. It is one way of educating children of staying healthy and making them aware that there are consequences for binge eating or indulging too much in junk food.


There are lots of ways on how to lose weight and lapband is one of them. If you have a weight problem or know somebody and you want to help, there are lots of informations available on the web. Take the newhopetoday website. Lots of helpful informations are available for the person who might consider in going into the procedure - success stories, the facilities, the programs available, patient support plus the bio of the surgeons.