Friday, April 25

On Business

For days now, Mcj has been very busy and in frenzy for a new business venture. He'd been making spreadsheet marketing plans - a helpful tool to explain to future customers and to me. Why to me as well? Because for once, I don't like going into business myself. I need a thorough sales training and study to learn the products that I'm going to sell before you can see me going out there actually facing the customers. I don't have any business inclination of any sort at all. While Mcj has been on business for a long time and recently, managing more than one. As for me, I would just be good in making bookwork and research or answering the phone.

To each his own, I reckon. My attitude towards business I guess is influenced by my family background. None in my family is really into big business. My parents had been in business when I was in highschool but that didn't last long as my father looked for work after a couple of years. Business mindedness just doesn't run in our blood.

While I admire those who risk a lot or everything to venture into something. Business venture is a risk just like life is full of them. But I guess, armed with substantial capital, right attitude, excellent sales training and well informed judgement plus the idea of marketing, everything is worth a try.

I remember, the most of the business that I've been into was selling Avon products when I was in college. I didn't have any sales training but I fared well because my mother was helping me.