Friday, April 25

A Picnic or Otherwise?

Looking back when I was still working in Manila, credit card is easy to come by. Even if you don't apply for it, some companies and banks, would send out cards ready for activation to employees of well-reputed companies. It was sort of like they have the employees master list and these companies knew who earn enough to pay debts.

This system is nice if you're the one who wants to have a credit card but if you're not, problem is you need to safe keep the card even if you don't want it lest somebody who might have bad intentions might activate it on your behalf, sign his/her name and viola! You have debts that you didn't incur yourself. Better, tear the card when you receive it.

I wonder, if it is also this easy to get a credit card in many parts of the world (particularly US)? I don't really know. But what I know is, bad credit is a reality to some consumers and with this dilemna, getting a credit card or applying for home loans, personal loans, etc. is not a picnic. But there are companies who are willing to help consumers solve this problem and give them a chance to start anew by offering them credit line and encourage them to pay ontime so they can build their credibility and eventually their financial future. I guess, if you're in this shoe, you need to have a better judgement to choose which one really fits your need so won't get stuck in the mud again.