Thursday, April 3

I Love Him because...

Tagged by Tracy. Thanks, girl!

Why I love Mcj? Well, should there be a reason? I just love him. Period. Hehehe. But for fun, here they are:
  • he puts up with all my crankiness and bad mood.
  • he wants me to be a more better person and helps me work on that.
  • he brings out the best and (worst) in me. bwahaha!
  • he spoils me even if I don't deserve it. :D
  • knows a lot about life and teaches them to me.
  • he is very patient with me.
  • he is very compassionate, helpful, humanitarian, honest, and trying to be perfect. :D perfectionist baga!
  • he has unfaltering faith in God.
  • he loves Jens.
  • and many more... :P

I'm tagging WBliss, Idealpinkrose and Mitch.