Monday, April 21

Working On The Business Website

Finally, after too much effort of Mcj for the past couple of weeks or more, he was able to transfer the hosting service of the business website to a cheaper one that gives more storage space. Changing host saves us heaps of money. We were paying four times of the new host fee to the old provider even with a smaller storage space. A classic example of daylight robbery. The hours spent on the phones explaining the circumstances (because Mcj forgot the original password) plus faxing several letters to the head office of the company which is in the US were really worthwhile.

Now, Mcj and I (on my free time from being a Mum and blogger) are looking on changing the Website Design. The reseller of the new host actually made a new layout but we are also looking at free designs that suit the business or perhaps buy a custom one. And I found out that hosterio offers exactly this type of service and even more than that. I was surprised of the special web hosting plan which is way cheaper that what we currently have. And I thought, what we have is already cheap. And it has free shopping cart, which I am not aware that is available in our provider.