Saturday, April 5

Lucrative Business

My mother is my eyes and ears back in our hometown. Oh no, not on gossips rather on the current events and what happened to whom (it isn't gossip, is it?). When I call, though unprepared or without me telling them for my call, she would be able to tell me the events that had transpired in our place.

Anyway, she had told me that a schoolmate is a big shot now because of the business that she went into is really doing very good. It is sort of like a structured settlement payments wherein she paid the pensioners a lump sum for their pension of two years or whatever term it is. I know for a fact that this kind of business is very lucrative in our town even when I was still in highschool.

People or pensioners who need big amount of cash now but whose only source of income is a staggering inflow of money, would sell their rights to receive that monthly pension for a sum of money discounted of interest. They are kind of selling the annuity payments.

I don't really know the nitty-gritty of this business but what I am sure of, because of the number of pensioners that are willing to sell their pensioners are great, you need to have big capital investment. But I guess, the payoff is also substantial as the business has been running from one generation to the next.