Saturday, April 5

Products on Sale Online

I had been shopping online for clothes and it was no good. Why? Because the sizes vary in different kinds of garments. I know my size. I would select the my size of the clothes in every item but so far, in all my purchases, only two fit me well. After my first purchase which was kind of a success, I tried to consider the type of cloth the clothes is made of. It helped but still I wasn't that accurate with my size. So I resigned to the fact that I have to stop shopping for clothes online.

I don't desperately need those clothes but because, as I have said, I'm an impulse buyer, I would buy any clothes that I like especially if they're on discount.

We do shop clothes for Jens every season anyway, so Mummy can still buy on impulse for herself. :)

I don't buy in ebay because for some payment method issue that I don't like to conform. Though, I would love to shop there as the range of products is very vast.

I have favorite shopping sites and I would still continue to shop online for stuff other than clothes.


Did you know that you can also buy airplanes online? That's incredible, isn't it? But yeah, there are airplanes for sale online. You can select what type of plane, from light, helicopter, glider, etc and from different locations. Plus, you can select from vintage to the most up to date plane models. Isn't that awesome? But I guess, you can't ship it, can you? No, but you can flew it. lol.