Monday, April 14

Weekend Snapshot

I haven't got much photos to choose from this weekend so I'm posting the one from January.

We took the back road on the way to the beach because of the traffic in the highway. As expected on a weekend and made worse by the fact that it was a holiday as well. That route also leads to Australia Zoo and I happen to snap this sign along the road.
More WS here.


SandyCarlson said...

That looks like a bright, lush area. Such warmth and sunshine are always welcome here.

Anna said...

Very mice picture... Great shot thanks for sharing.,

Mine is up:
My Newphew's Scrap Place
Scrap Addict Fever

Unknown said...

hi sis, are you in Australia? we're planning to travel there maybe next month but we aren't sure, yet...

btw, you've been can check it out here.